Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

If you ever get that dreaded midnight phone call that someone you love has been arrested, don’t let panic set in. Instead, you can take control. How do you get them out of jail? It is easier than you think. Here are some of the facts you should know about obtaining a bail bond for your loved one.


You can’t get bail for someone that was arrested until you have all the necessary information from the court, and it will take some time for the arrested individual, or plaintiff, to move through the legal system. While you are waiting, contact a local bond company and ask about their hours, how much they charge, and what type of collateral they accept. With that information in hand, you are one step closer to getting someone out of jail.


Once the plaintiff meets with the judge and has the charges formally read to them, they can contact you with the information needed. That is when you can learn how to bail someone out of jail West Chester PA. You will need to give the bail bond associate the accused’s name, some other personal information, the formal charges, and the plaintiff’s location. The bond person will also need the court-mandated bail amount. You can use property, cash, or jewelry to provide the collateral, and then the bond person will do the rest.


Once the collateral has been cleared, the bail will be presented to the court by the bondsman, and your loved one will be processed. It may take a few hours, but freedom won’t take long. The accused must sign papers declaring they understand they must attend all court-mandated appearances or lose their bail, and then they will be free to walk out the door.


Knowing where a trusted bail company is located can be just as important as understanding how to bail someone out of jail. Once your loved one is free, make sure they attend all those meetings to ensure you get your bail money back.