Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Does your golf course have a water feature? Water features can increase the visual appeal, challenge level, and overall value of your golf course. All in all, water features are a metaphorical “hole in one”.

Most water features require routine maintenance, especially if they are directly incorporated into the surrounding terrain. Here are five ways you can maintain your golf course’s lovely lake or picturesque pond.

1. Weed Control

Overgrown lakes and ponds can be detrimental to desirable aquatic life and vegetation. Weed-infested water may also act as a haven for annoying mosquitoes and smelly algae. The solution? Weed control. Many professional services offer weed control for lakes. Make sure to hire a service that uses eco-friendly products; after all, you do not want to accidentally harm the beneficial flora and fauna in your water feature.

2. Dredging

If your lake or pond has a particularly active biosphere, you may have to dredge it every so often. Dredging removes the excess build-up of sediment, plant debris, animal waste – and stray golf balls! – at the bottom of water sources. In short, dredging will ensure that your beautiful water feature does not devolve into a murky swamp.

You can attempt to dredge your water feature yourself, but it is a difficult task that is better left to the professionals.

3. Frequent Cleaning

Regularly clean the surface of your water feature with the same type of water skimmer you would use to clean a pool. While some degree of leaf decomposition can provide beneficial nutrients to bioactive water features, excessive leaf decomposition can clog the water and deprive living aquatic creatures of vital oxygen supplies.

4. Regular Fountain Maintenance

Fountains require regular maintenance to keep them functioning efficiently and safely. Check your fountain’s pumps and lines for clogs at least once a week; if you find a clog, flush it out following your fountain’s manual. Make sure to use the filter specifically made for your fountain and replace it on the schedule the manufacturer prescribes.

5. Aeration and Circulation

It is important that you aerate and circulate the liquid within your water feature, especially if your lake or pond is manmade; manmade water sources usually lack a natural inward and outward flow of water, like a stream. By aerating your water feature with fountains, bubblers, waterfalls, or oxygenating plants, you can encourage desirable plant growth, supplement fish health, reduce algae growth, and prevent foul odor accumulation.

Water features can enhance the ambiance of your golf course and give your customers a more pleasant experience. Keep your lakes healthy and your ponds sparkling by incorporating these five tips into your water feature maintenance plan.