Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Air compressors must be serviced on a regular basis by a professional who understands how compressors work, has access to the right parts and supplies, and who can get genuine parts. Naturally, the specifics of servicing vary from one compressor to another, as well as other factors, but there are some standard tasks that happen during most servicing calls.

One: Air Compressor

During a typical compressed air service jacksonville fl appointment, technicians will complete several tasks regarding the air compressor itself:

  • Visually inspect the machine for oil and air leaks, mechanical damage, and similar problems
  • Check machine operation and review electronic controller for faults
  • Change filters to ensure clean lubricant
  • Change the oil and make sure that the level of oil is appropriate for cooling, lubrication, removal of condensate, and sealing
  • Inspect the oil separator, cleaning it as needed, and making repairs when necessary
  • Change drive belts that have worn down to prevent slips and breakage
  • Check the valves that control air and oil flow, replace as necessary
  • Ensure appropriate operation of the condensate drain
  • Clean internal radiators, removing dust and dirt as necessary

When these tasks are finished, the technician will move on to equipment that is used in conjunction with the air compressor.

Two: Related Equipment

The equipment used as part of the air compressor system needs attention to ensure the efficiency of the compressor and the system as a whole. The technician performs the following maintenance:

  • Inspect all downstream filter elements to remove particulates and any excess oil
  • Clean the refrigerated dryer, inspecting the radiators and fan
  • Check the condensate system operation, making repairs as necessary and ensuring that float valves are operating as they should

Three: Final Check

During the final check of the air compressor, it’s time to re-check the operation of the compressor. The technician verifies that the compressor is unloading as it should and that it restarts at the correct pressure. The technician also makes sure that the dryer is operating at the appropriate dewpoint and that the condensate system is also operating as it should.

Four: Paperwork

Of course, servicing isn’t fully complete until the paperwork has been filled out. Your technician will write out a detailed description of all of the work that was done, including a list of any parts or lubricants that were used. The report will also include descriptions of any other work that was completed.

There may be other steps involved, based on the type, make, and model of the air compressor. Make sure you discuss your expectations and what to expect from servicing with the technician when you schedule your appointment.