Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Although employers are responsible for providing a safe work environment, you also have responsibilities when it comes to your safety. Therefore, if you are hurt at work, before you start searching for a workers compensation lawyer Portland OR, evaluate your injury to determine whether you upheld your responsibilities.

Safety Knowledge

Your company should provide you with some form of safety training and let you know where the safety manuals, such as MSDS and equipment manuals, and posted safety rules are located. It is your responsibility to learn this information. Your employer should also show you where the first aid, eye-wash and hazard stations and resources and emergency exits are located. Stay up to date on any new safety procedures.

Identify Risks

Your workplace has inherent risks. For example, some businesses have large equipment, such as conveyor belts and machinery. Others have pallets of products in designated areas. It is your job to identify these risks and do what you can to mitigate or eliminate them. In addition, you need to be cognizant of your environment, watching others and machinery as you walk through spaces. Also, maintain a clean workspace.

Personal Health

You are responsible for maintaining your personal health. For example, you should get enough sleep to perform your job correctly. Proper sleep ensures you have more energy and allows you to make better decisions. In addition, take regular breaks to wake yourself up and get some extra energy.

Do not show up to work inebriated. This puts you and your coworkers at risk.

Protect Yourself

If you work a job that requires protective equipment, wear it. Your workplace may also give you equipment or other aids to help you do your job, such as a forklift for lifting heavy products. Use these tools properly every time.

Protect your body by picking up loads properly, with your thighs, not your back. You should also use ergonomic furniture and avoid stooping down and twisting your body awkwardly.

Reporting Process

You are the best person to keep your workplace safe. If you have concerns about any area you work in or any process involved in your work, discuss these concerns with your supervisor and human resources. Consider providing suggestions to make the job or environment safer for you and other employees.

You are also responsible for immediately reporting any injury on the job. Therefore, you should learn the reporting process.

Injuries and accidents happen, but you can reduce your chances of injury significantly. If you are injured and have difficulty getting proper medical treatment, consider consulting a workers’ compensation attorney.