Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Choosing your kitchen lights can be a monumental task, but having the right lights for your space is vital. The best lighting choices will depend on everything from the size of the room to the style of the décor. Whether you’re in the market for flush mount lighting Florida or an elegant chandelier, here are some tips on choosing your kitchen lights.

Flush Lighting

Flush mounted lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, so they are a versatile choice for your kitchen. Flush lights can be mounted on the ceiling, but they can also be on a stem. If you opt for a stem, try to find an adjustable version, which will give you more flexibility regarding the height of the fixture. Flush lights only shine downward and they are fixed, so they’re ideal for small cooking areas as opposed to broad spaces that need various spotlights.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is popular for kitchens, thanks to its flexible nature. The individual heads of a track are adjustable, allowing you to angle them where you need the most lighting for specific tasks. These functional lights ensure that you are not in the dark when chopping or slicing, increasing safety as well as helping you prepare your food with more precision. The lights can be placed strategically throughout the kitchen so that every nook and cranny can be illuminated.


Chandeliers are ideal for introducing a clear focal point to a kitchen and providing a jumping-off point for the overall design. While chandeliers are beautiful, if you have a large kitchen, you’ll probably need to add other types of lighting to improve the functionality. Chandeliers are limited in the amount of light they can project, so consider integrating pendant lights, sconces and recessed lights around the kitchen as well.

You likely spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so having ample light is essential. When you incorporate task lighting and lighting that boosts style and ambiance, you create a space that is both functional and welcoming.