Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

As winter spreads its cold tendrils across the United States, those icy fingers can bring headaches for unprepared homeowners. From broken water lines to damaged buildings, the heavy snow and torrential rains can make everyone run for cover. If your home isn’t properly secure, it cannot protect you. To make sure you are prepared for the season, here are some winter woes you can avoid.

1. Heating and Cooling System

Your home’s heating and cooling system is meant to keep your house warm during the long cold winter months. When it doesn’t provide adequate heat, call an HVAC contractor Staten Island NY. The trained HVAC professional can quickly repair the problem and get your home’s heat back on, and that means a toasty warm winter for your family.

2. Tree Inspection

Winter storms and trees are like oil and water – they just don’t mix well together. From heavy ice breaking the branches to cold temperatures killing valuable root systems, winter is bad for trees. If trees are close to your home, call in an arborist to evaluate the tree’s health. The technician can cut weak or broken branches and help you decide if a tree is too weak to withstand another cold winter.

3. Roofing Overview

Your home’s roof is a protective system for the entire building. Guarding against rain, snow, winds, and freezing temperatures, the whole structure is meant to keep your family safe from all types of winter weather. If even one shingle or tile is loose, the inclement weather can invade the building and cause considerable costly damage. Protect your home with a roofing inspection by a qualified specialist at least once a year.

You can help your house keep you safe and warm all winter long by following the three steps above. Make sure your home’s roof is secure, check the HVAC system, and have your yard’s trees inspected. Then sit back and listen to the winds howl while you are safe inside.