Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Stone floors effortlessly straddle the line between classic and modern and can match nearly any decor. Their aesthetic versatility makes them an attractive option when redecorating a home or office. 

But if you’ve never had them before, you might think they’re too much work. Not so! They require as much daily care as traditional hardwood floors and are far more resilient than you might think.

Regular Maintenance

Welcome mats, runners, and rugs are the best friends of all high-traffic floors, as they protect from dirt and wear.

As with other surfaces, using a dust mop or sweeping daily with a broom is all you have to do to prevent dust bunnies and the build-up of grime. Avoid using a vacuum, as they can scratch up stone floors.

Mopping once a week (or even as-needed) with a gentle soap diluted in water should be more than enough for most spaces. Be sure to read labels, as caustic cleaners can damage stone floors. Rough scrubbers such as steel wool should be avoided for similar reasons.

Seal It

Depending on the type of stone you’re considering, you may want to apply a sealant to high-traffic floors every six months. This prevents moderate staining from wear.

Polish It

If you feel your floor needs more shine, you can use a low-RPM buffer and special formulas readily available at your local hardware store. When you’re floor polishing Queens NY it is important to never use wax on your stone floors, as it will have the opposite effect and make them matte and cloudy.

Spot Clean

If you notice a spill such as cola or wine, it is best to clean it up as soon as possible. Anything pigmented or caustic can leave its mark if left to sit for too long. All that’s required is mopping up the spill and then cleaning the area with gentle soap and water.

Stone floors will never warp from moisture, and while staining can happen, they are far more resistant to it than wood. Both attractive and tough, they are worth the investment!