Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Whether you are in a new relationship or have been committed to your significant other for many years, dating can get expensive. Instead of spending a lot of money each month on extravagant dinners or expensive vacations, try these three inexpensive date ideas to focus on enjoying the time spent together.

Eat Together

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a meal to make it memorable. Try the best places with a happy hour in Fort Lauderdale or pack a simple lunch yourself or visit a mobile food truck Houston TX and take the food to a romantic spot with a blanket so you can enjoy the meal privately and share an honest, thoughtful conversation.


The city lights make it difficult to see the true magnificence of the night sky. Travel to a remote field and sit on a blanket or the bed of a pickup truck and enjoy the sight of millions of twinkling stars. See if you can identify various constellations. If it’s a chilly night, you can even enjoy a thermos of hot cocoa or coffee together.

Have a Movie Night at Home

Instead of spending a lot of money on movie tickets at snacks at the theater, have a cozy night at home. Rent your favorite movie and stock up on a variety of snack food for the same experience in a much more cost-efficient and intimate atmosphere. This option even allows you to indulge in old movies or binge watch TV shows so you can customize the date to meet your preferences.

Dating doesn’t have to be expensive. While it is nice to treat your significant other to an extravagant date on occasion, doing so regularly is a quick way to break the bank. Try these three cost-efficient date ideas to enhance the intimacy of a romantic night without spending a ton of money.