Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Today’s world is unbelievably germy. Not only are people worried about the usual aggravations like the flu, but now, more than ever, they must battle a novel coronavirus that simply isn’t completely understood. Without a doubt, cleaning is a primary concern for businesses and homes. Locations should remain stocked and prepared, ready to decontaminate regularly. Proprietors should think ahead, planning out exactly what they need to safeguard employees and the establishment. Here are four things you’ll want to have on hand at all times.

1. Masks

Traditionally medical and cloth masks were not considered a cleaning supply; however, our current state has made it of the utmost importance. Not only should staff whenever they can’t socially distance, but they certainly need one when applying cleansers and sprays at the end of the day. They can provide a barrier to the germs and the fumes (which can also create sore throats). Get boxes of them, and set them aside for anyone that requires one.

2. Rags

In the evening, desks, countertops and equipment should be washed appropriately. Paper towels could get expensive; plus, they make a lot of waste. Instead, consider investing in janitorial cleaning rags. These can be washed and reused. You’ll also be able to pick up more saturation. It could make cleanup easier and more efficient.

3. Cleaners

Research the CDC’s recommended list of commercial cleaners. Certain products may do a better job at killing bacteria and viruses. They should be used as disinfectants daily during the pandemic, reducing the risk of exposure. You don’t want this running out as they are hard to get last minute.

4. Sanitizer Gel

Hand washing is vital, but people may not be able to get to the sink all day, especially if working with customers. Place sanitizer at each station. Allow customers and workers to use it after interactions and transactions.

5. Gloves

These have been debated by many. If you wear them all day, it could be problematic, passing germs on from place to place. Keep these in stock not for daily activities, but for times when someone may get sick or be dealing with sanitizing. For example, it’s recommended to wipe everything down at night. At this point, all employees should don gloves to avoid getting chemicals and microbes on their hands. When finished, the pair should be disposed of in the trash, and the trash bag should be sealed and taken to the dumpster.

Be proactive in purchasing your supplies. With them on hand, you can focus on health.