Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

You don’t always have to replace a broken window in its entirety. Depending on the damage done, you may be able to get away with just replacing or resealing the panes, sash or frame alone. Alternatively, you may find yourself wanting to upgrade existing window panes for insulation or other purposes. When you’re looking for replacement windows in Kansas City, keep these tips in mind.

Is Full Replacement Necessary?

Like many home improvement tasks, repairs are often less expensive than replacing windows entirely. A replacement window may include a new frame and even extra work done on the surrounding opening in the wall. You could find yourself facing a five-figure bill at that point. By comparison, less extensive repairs or partial replacements can cost less than a thousand dollars. Assess the condition of your window to determine if you truly need a full replacement or not—broken seals or rotting wood frames can’t simply be repaired.

Understand Your Windows

While the consultation process involves professionals inspecting the window in question, it helps to gather any information that you can beforehand to hasten the process and get a more accurate estimate on pricing. Identify what problems your current windows have and consider what you’re looking for in new ones—pictures of designs that appeal to you are helpful here.

Choosing Materials

Think about function as well as form when shopping for window replacements. Window panes come in a variety of sizes and glass types, with focus on different features—durability, leak-proofing, insulation and energy efficiency are among the main features. The frame materials are important as well; consider vinyl instead of wood for long-term performance, since wood is prone to rotting or warping in hot, moist environments.

Shop Around

You don’t have to settle for the first installer you find. Take the time to browse through your local options and schedule consultations with at least a few different businesses. This lets you compare inventory, services and prices so that you can choose the best crew for the job.