Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

As the weather gets cooler, the holiday sales season gets closer. Preparing your store for the busiest time of your year can take some planning. Reviewing what worked the year before along with adding new items and ideas will have you ready for your customers in plenty of time. Here are some tips to follow to set you up for the season

Review Last Year’s Performance

As you anticipate what to expect this coming season, take a look at your financial records from the year previous and see what types of products sold the best and which once struggled to perform. Talk to your staff about what occurred during the busy period and ask them what they would change if they could. Once you have your information, determine if you can make any adjustments to your business to make both your customer’s and your employee’s experience better.

Order New Inventory

Before the traffic increases to your store, you need to have additional product on your shelves to sell. Research what is popular at that moment and determine if you can get something like that in time. Ask your workers what they would recommend adding to your inventory according to the suggestions they have heard and their own preferences. If your funds are low when you are ready to order, consider applying for short term loans Mississippi or ask for financing terms. Also, be certain that your order will arrive before your busy season begins so you can map out where the items will be placed on your sales floor. 

Reach Out To Customers

Develop a marketing campaign that will entice customers to visit your shop and plan different types of sales that will appeal to them. Update your website and your social media to reflect the times that you will be open and the events you are hosting during the season. Showcase the new items that you have for sale and consider having a demonstration of how they work and the benefits that they provide. Determine what your target market is and purchase advertising that will reach them the best. 

Hire Additional Staff

Determine how many employees you will need to staff your store during your busy season. Be sure to account for any additional hours or days you will be open. Put out a notice that you are hiring and allow yourself enough time to interview candidates and train them before business picks up.