Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

When employees are hurt on a job site, laws offer some protection and assistance. Lost wages and medical bills may be paid through insurance claims, giving some much needed financial compensation during a trying time. Those injured, though, must act quickly and responsibly to ensure that those benefits are provided and available. Waiting too long can prove problematic. Here are four things that people should do as soon as possible.

1. Speak with Management Immediately

Some employees feel as if minor issues shouldn’t be reported. The belief is that those little things may just go away. Then, over time, that tiny complication becomes a health problem. Because of the delay, these situations may not be eligible for aid, even if someone works with an Orlando workers compensation lawyer. It’s important to speak with a supervisor about anything immediately after it happens. File a formal report, and obtain a copy for records.

2. Don’t Wait to See a Doctor

Once a report is opened, management should send the staff member to a doctor. Insurance may want this to be a specific location with certain testing completed. For this reason, don’t just walk out and see any primary or emergency doctor. Coverage depends on speaking and seeing the right people. After an initial assessment, the insurer may then determine the available providers for follow-up care.

3. Document Everything

This is a time to get organized. Have photos and x-rays readily available to verify injuries. File these with the office and insurance as needed. Scan doctor’s reports, saving them to a cloud drive. These might prove useful if further claims or help are needed. If the worksite itself has proved challenging or is dangerous, obtain images of the trouble.

4. Rest and Recoup

If work is out of the question, then so too are other things. Follow the physician’s directions and avoid physical activity or tasks that may be too stimulating. Take this opportunity to relax and allow the body to heal. That may be difficult for an active person; however, disobeying instructions could prove problematic with obtaining compensation. Now is the time to take it easy, find quiet hobbies and sleep a bit more.

It’s best to be honest and open about workplace injuries. Don’t hide harm. Report it, ask questions and inquire about how to get assistance. Being proactive could prove to be useful in not only getting appropriate medical treatment, but also in receiving necessary payment for those bills.