Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Helping the planet by living more sustainably has become a topic of increasing interest over the past decade. With the average American producing over five pounds of garbage each day, recycling is one of the easiest ways to go green. Here are five reasons to participate in recycling. 

1. Saves Energy

Reducing energy consumption decreases the amount of fossil fuels in our air, and this can be achieved by recycling. Every time you use recycling services Fort Lauderdale FL, energy is saved from not having to produce a brand new product from raw natural resources. For example, reclaimed plastic uses around 80% less energy than plastic produced from raw materials. 

2. Saves Natural Resources

By recycling, you prevent natural resources from being extracted and used to produce something from scratch. For example, recycling newspapers and junk mail saves trees from being cut down and transported to create new paper products. 

3. Saves Money

By reusing or repurposing products in your own household, you save money by not having to buy new merchandise. Plastic bags from the grocery store can be used to line small garbage bins, and empty glass jars can be rinsed out and repurposed as storage containers for various items. Some grocery chains offer a small discount if you bring your own reusable bag rather than taking a disposable bag from them. 

4. Good for the Economy

Many jobs are created as a direct result of recycling, more than there are jobs created in the landfill and disposal industries. Some tasks in the recycling industry include collecting and transporting materials and manufacturing new products from the recycled materials. 

5. It’s Easy

With recycling bins to drop off unwanted paper and plastics common throughout offices, hospitals and academic settings, there is no reason to throw something that could be recycled into the regular garbage bin. 

If you haven’t already, consider using one of these five reasons to begin recycling.