Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Almost everyone has a pretty good idea of what too much jewelry looks like: necklaces strewn out over the dresser, earrings hanging on random things, bracelets impossible to find among the tangle. It can be a real mess. Fortunately, designers and inventors alike have come up with some fun, creative ways to solve this problem. Sometimes just being able to see your jewelry all at once without the mess can make your routine a whole lot faster in the morning. Here’s three great way store your jewelry that you might have never thought of before.

  1. Drawers Galore

Not everyone wants to exhibit their jewelry on a massive display in their room. For those who want to be more discrete, but who still own a lot of necklaces, earrings and bracelets, drawers can be the way to go. You can pick a drawer that tucks neatly away into your dresser or another location so that all you have to do is open it up to see your jewelry neatly displayed. Of course, a drawer itself isn’t enough to keep everything from getting tangled. Getting velvet jewelry organizer trays to place in the drawers is a sure way to keep everything tidy and compartmentalized.

  1. Necklace Stands or Branches

For necklaces, or any other form of long, hanging jewelry, consider putting up a chain, stand or branch that can hold them. If you have room on your dresser or countertop, a tall stand with two arms is easy enough to drape your necklaces over. If not, hanging a chain on the wall or a metallic branch is the perfect way to allow your jewelry to dangle neatly. By allowing them to hang at full length, you’ll prevent them from getting gnarled together, and it will be far easier to pick one out.

  1. An Earring Picture Frame

One of the most creative ways to organize your earrings is one you can do at home yourself. Take an old picture frame (or go out and buy one that’s the right size for the number of earrings you own) and replace the glass with mesh or netting. When the mesh is fitted and secure, you can easily hang your earrings on it in whatever way works best. The real payoff is that you can set the picture frame on any surface or hang it on the wall to optimize space!

There are plenty of ways to turn your jewelry mess into an organized display. It might just take some creative thinking.