Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Having trouble encouraging your kids to get active? It’s all too easy for kids to get entertainment from a screen, but it isn’t exactly the healthiest way to spend time. Here are three exciting backyard upgrades that will get your kids off the couch and outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

1. Install a Swimming Pool

Who wouldn’t love a private pool in the backyard? Your kids will be dying to splash and play in a new swimming pool. Depending upon the space you have in your yard and your budget, you could install something as small as a wading pool or as grand as a complete custom in-ground pool. For instant gratification, choose an above-ground pool model from a kit. These pools can be installed, filled and chemically treated in just a few days. Tear down is typically a breeze, as well!

2. Create a Custom Play Area

A custom play area will encourage your kids to get out and play at any time of the year. Your playground can take many forms – a lot depends upon the ages of your kids and the activities that they like to do. For younger kids, a standard playground with a swing set, slide and some climbing elements usually does the trick. Older kids who need more of a challenge would love a custom backyard obstacle course. Include obstacles like a balance beam and a mini rock-climbing wall. No matter what form your playground ends up taking, prioritize safety by giving the area a surface that will cushion falls. A provider of bulk rubber mulch Cincinnati OH will provide you with the material you need for a maintenance-free, safe surface that will become the foundation for your playground.

3. Add Backyard Games

Every kid loves games. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to add fun and games to your backyard. For kids who can’t get enough sports, transform an area of your yard into a basketball court by replacing the turf with asphalt and installing a pair of basketball hoops. Also consider creating your own backyard mini-golf space. If you have a level area of your yard that’s free from obstructions, replace the turf with artificial grass. Add some creative obstacles and you’ll have a customizable putting green that will give you the feel of your favorite mini golf course.

Get your kids excited about the outdoors by adding these fun features to your own backyard. By following these tips and making these upgrades, you’ll transform your backyard into your kids’ go-to spot for entertainment and relaxation.