Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

You hear a lot about home fire safety, but how much do you know about fire safety in warehouses, factories, and other commercial locations? Here are three causes of commercial fires. 

1. Sabotage

Sadly, one of the most common causes of fires in non-residential buildings is intentional sabotage. These intentionally set fires tend to cause more damage than accidental fires since someone is out to wreak as much havoc as possible to the building. Bathrooms and trash bins are a couple of common locations where intentional fires start, so be aware of these locations in your building and who has access to them. Arson and other acts of vandalism can be deterred by the existence of vigilant employees and a security system. 

2. Cooking

If your business has a common kitchen for employees, or if you work restaurant or other food service establishment, fires resulting from cooking are a big risk. Fortunately, most kitchens come equipped with commercial fire sprinkler systems Orange County California to quickly put out a fire, but there are ways that you can help prevent kitchen fires:

  • Keep hazardous and flammable materials safely stored away from sources of heat and flame
  • Make sure that nobody leaves the stove unattended while the stove is on
  • Maintain a clean environment and promptly clean up where cooking oil has spilled
  • Make sure that all kitchen appliances such as stoves, ovens, and freezers are properly maintained 

Whether you work near a small office kitchen or a large commercial kitchen, these steps can lower the risk of a fire starting in that location.

3. Heating Sources

Heating systems in the building or individual space heaters pose a fire risk if not properly maintained. Make sure that heating sources are free of frayed wiring, and unplug space heaters when leaving for the day. 

Be aware of these three causes of commercial fires.