Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Whether you are an attorney or a client, preparing for a court appearance can consume a lot of your time and mental energy. Enlisting the help of a qualified litigation support specialist can lighten the burden of evidence discovery and exhibit production.

Highly Specific Focus

When you hire a litigation support specialist, you get a professional with the particular abilities that preparing for a legal case demands. Through focused training and professional experience, your specialist has prepared for the unique technical and regulatory challenges that gathering and preparing exhibits can entail. An independent litigation support specialist can amass hundreds or even thousands of hours of experience, giving them the expertise to seamlessly coordinate with your legal representatives and other consultants. Their familiarity with court proceedings means your support team can also provide user-friendly lists and summaries of your exhibits, making them easier to find and more effective.

Industry Knowledge

Some litigation specialists are “specialists” in an additional sense: they focus the majority of their business on cases related to a particular industry or profession. The complexity of any business matters involved in your case can mean that even more specialized litigation support is advisable. Perhaps your case involves presenting a great deal of highly intricate financial data or includes a lot of technical jargon a typical juror would struggle to understand. Litigation support professionals with industry-specific experience can help you organize and present your evidence in the most effective way, possibly assisting with research or even facilitating expert testimony.

Security and Confidentiality

Preparing for court is a situation that demands careful handling of sensitive information. Your case’s discovery process requires sorting through, cataloging and organizing evidence in a wide variety of forms. Each must be handled in a way that’s appropriate, both in terms of legal requirements and in terms of the preservation and security of the material itself. Many items you submit for discovery will be digital in nature, such as emails or scans of documents or figures. However, others may be physical evidence that could be required to be delivered in a digital format. Litigation support professionals will not only properly convert, store and transmit the digital files, but also safeguard the integrity of the original physical materials until they are returned to you. Understanding the legal process means your litigation support specialist can be trusted to always handle your delivery materials appropriately.

The hours involved in preparing for a court case can be grueling and costly. Working with a litigation support specialist can maximize the value of that time and work, as well as helping you build the most effective case you can for your day in court.