Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Depending on your needs, there are many ways to do a background check. You can use Investigative Consumer Reports, Commercial web-based search engines, employment screening services, or self-check. These methods can help you verify a person’s background and history. If you’re hiring someone, it’s essential to ensure they’re not a criminal and go driving record background check. Listed below are some of the best ways to check someone’s background.

Investigative Consumer Reports

The most common use of investigative consumer reports is for background checks. Employers usually order them as part of the hiring process, and the applicant gives their consent by signing a section of the application. An investigative consumer report can provide information about a potential employee’s character, reputation, driving history, and other factors that could affect your hiring decisions. While these reports aren’t legally binding, they can be helpful to employers.

A consumer report will provide information about a person from various sources, including personal interviews. They can give you a clear idea of a person’s character and honesty. The good news is that this information is generally verifiable and has minimal liability. However, a consumer report isn’t a substitute for a full background check and could raise some legal issues.

Commercial Web-based Search Engines

Commercial web-based search engines are widely used to do background checks. Entering a candidate’s name in a search engine will reveal news stories, personal websites, social media profiles, and other details about a person. Even if a candidate has a common name, such as ‘Ben’ or ‘Jenny’, you’ll find results for other people with similar names. However, be careful not to overlook major red flags, and remember to give the candidate a chance to explain themselves.

The US Search website, founded in 2016, does not appear to use cutting-edge technology but offers extensive personal and property information. It also has a helpful feature for finding related persons, property, and social media profiles. Users can also look up local sex offenders and view their criminal records. Unfortunately, US Search isn’t the most user-friendly website for doing a background check. However, it does offer comprehensive and detailed responses to data requests.

Employment Screening Services

There are many ways to do a background check on an applicant, from contacting previous employers to signing up for an online employment screening service. If hiring someone for a new job, consider using an online employment screening service to perform a thorough background check. ShareAble for Hires offers comprehensive criminal and credit checks and identity verification. Because accuracy is essential when screening candidates, this service uses advanced record matching capabilities to decrease the chances of inaccurate records.

A background check will cover personal information, such as past debts and late payments. A criminal background check will check past convictions for crimes to make sure your application is not a danger. These services look into the type of offense the applicant committed and how long ago it happened. These services aim to prevent bad hires and lower your insurance costs. By ensuring that your applicants are trustworthy and do not pose a risk, you’ll be protected from the costs and hassles of lawsuits.


Before applying for a job, you may want to run a background check on yourself. This way, you can make sure everything is accurate. You can also prepare yourself if a potential employer asks questions about a background check. Self-checking can be very beneficial if you plan to change jobs frequently. This method will help you keep your record clean and avoid file mix-ups.

To use the self-checking option, you need to know a person’s name, social security number, previous employers, and education details. After a thorough background check, you can contact the courts and credit reporting agencies to dispute discrepancies. Once you’ve gathered the information, you can keep the results in a safe place. If you find any gaps in employment or legal infractions, you can explain them by adding supplemental information.

Using a Background Check Service

A background check is one of the essential steps in screening a potential employee. It will verify a candidate’s identity and legal status in the United States and any aliases or name variations. It will also reveal whether a candidate has a criminal record or is on a terrorist watch list. A background check might be necessary to prevent fraud and employee turnover if a candidate has a criminal past.

Background check services are popular among employers, landlords, and even people. Conducting a background check is simple and free and doesn’t reveal the searcher’s identity. The information searched will consist of a person’s name, address, and phone number. For businesses, background checks are handy when they want to check on prospective employees. In addition, a background check can provide peace of mind or even the identity of a prospective employee’s parents.