Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Most people drive their own cars and don’t bother with public transportation. However, long-distance bus travel offers a charm that can make your fascinating, inexpensive trip worthwhile. Travelling by air sometimes feels the same way. Wherever you choose to go, preparing to navigate an unfamiliar location will save you time and money. You should follow these three tips to maintain your sanity during your trip.

Stay Connected to Tech

Your smartphone’s app store features several travel apps that will help you navigate unfamiliar streets and neighborhoods. Other apps also provide the fastest subway routes available or offer the cheapest flights. You can also use an app to review the specific bus schedule for Galveston Island bus service, for instance. These apps are also helpful for families who like to plan ahead and want to save money. Scheduling your trip ahead of time will also allow you to plan for other experiences, which could include a seasonal music festival or an exclusive two-night theater production. Thanks to smartphones, you’re also able to plan ahead while you’re on the go.

Keep Cash Stashed Away

Carrying an anti-theft backpack resilient to damage will protect your valuables. While using a bus, you want to stay alert and keep your wallet stored inside your luggage. Consider dividing up your cash and stashing some currency in your backpack’s pockets is wise, since others won’t notice. You may even want to use a fake wallet for pickpockets to take, which will turn the thief from a deceiver to the deceived. Consider bringing less cash and use electronic money for major payments instead to prevent cash theft altogether. In general, you should trim your wallet. If a thief steals your wallet, you’ll have less items to replace.

Don’t Stand Out Too Much

People who wear high-end clothing will attract thieves. They’ll look at your expensive luggage and infer you’re carrying more unique valuables they want for themselves. The rules that applies to clothes also applies to things. You shouldn’t pop out a laptop or bring an expensive leather purse out into a public bus, since most other travelers likely can’t afford either of those valuables. By standing out, you become the thief’s perfect target. You should blend into the crowd as much as possible so others won’t even take a glimpse at you.

Travel provides the opportunity to explore new landmarks and enjoy some shopping, but you shouldn’t forget how important personal safety is to you or your loved ones. Stay connected to your smartphone so you know where you’re heading. Keep money away from the public eye and don’t stand out from others, which can attract unintended controversy.