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Welcome to the official website of:

Looking at the bigger political picture

We were going to call ourselves "The Best Party you have ever been to Party" or "The not so politically correct Party" but thought we might attract the wrong type of voters and wouldn't have a large enough venue for our first Party Conference. Not that there is any such thing as a bad voter because when you have all the idiots on your side you know you are in the majority.

We were also concerned that Labour, Conservative and Libdem Members of Parliament, Senators and Congressmen from the Republican and Democratic Parties and Members of the European Parliament would come flocking to our call and start switching their allegiances; and as we are really after quality not quantity, that wouldn't do at all.

We are a new Political Party, with big ideas, unique policies (admittedly needing a bit more meat on the bone) but better than anything you will find in any other political manifesto, and huge ambitions.

Our hundred year plan is to unite the World under one centralised Government with a single currency, remove all frontiers, eradicate nationalism, overthrow all Despots and dictators and create a fair and level playing field for all countries on this planet to trade.

By achieving this, we would expect to stop all wars, famine, disease, poverty, need for asylum and significantly reduce the problem of economic immigration that is overburdening some countries. It will also make it easier to police crime, reduce drug trafficking and production, stop people trafficking and make this world a safer place to live.

We know this is not going to happen overnight nor in our lifetimes but we can lay the foundations now if we have the will to put the ball in motion.

We also know that we will have enormous opposition from just about every corner of the globe. Every nationalist, small minded bigot and racist that by luck and some small miracle just happened to be born in a country and believes they have borders to protect from foreigners is not going to like the idea of having one equitable government looking after and protecting the interests of everyone in the World.

Our Policies:

Asylum Benefits system Climate change
Foreign Policy
World Government
World Politics

This is not a one size fits all range of policies. We understand the need for discussion and debate and we don't expect anyone to agree with every principal and policy we put forward. We also understand that the people who are most likely to join us are going to be those with a higher intellect and greater vision than the average political animal and most politicians.

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