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Explaining the difference between website hits and visitors and why increasing hits to your website is pointless. If you want to increase visitors through the search engines, you need website designers who can help you increase search engine traffic.

In the early days of the world wide web, the terms "hits" quickly entered the vocabulary of internet users as a way of measuring the popularity of a website. Most people assume that the number of hits is just internet-speak for the number of visitors that a website gets. But that is not correct. There is actually a big difference between hits and visitors.

Like everything involved in website design and search engine optimisation, there is a lot of confusion about terminology and there are numerous website designers and search engine optimisers who don't understand how to build a website for the search engines or in fact, much of the jargon that is used. As a result, there is a lot of misinformation published on other websites that can lead you up the wrong track.


As an internet marketer, I often get website owners asking me about how to increase the number of hits their website receives. The answer is simple - add more images to each page on your site.

"Is that it?" I hear you ask. "Is it really possible to get more hits on my site just by having more pictures on there?"

Well, yes it is possible - but the problem is that it is not really more hits you want. What you want is more visits, and that is not going to be achieved simply by adding more pictures to your website.

Confused? Ok, let me explain the difference between website hits and website visitors.