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Various theories abound about the causes of cellulite but it is not just overweight people who suffer from this disfiguring, nor is it confined just to women. Thin people get wrinkles and cellulite as well which leads me to believe that it is an unhealthy diet and lifestyle more than anything else. Change your diet and lifestyle and you will reduce wrinkles and cellulite.

Some websites claim that cellulite is hereditary because it tends to run in families. This is like claiming that obesity is hereditary which it is not. The only way you can catch cellulite or obesity from your parents is by sharing the same diet and lifestyle.

Recent European research points to the fact that cellulite is the result of damage to the circulation and drainage corpuscles in the tissue under the skin. This damage is caused by dehydration, diet lacking in vitamins and nutrients and lack of exercise. Being thin does not necessarily equal being healthy as it is what is going on inside you body that controls your health. Cellulite damage is irreparable but can be reduced. La Feytaud can help you.

Cellulite is the fat bulging upwards that causes the clotted appearance under your skin; but the basic cause is thought to be the breakdown of the tiny blood and lymph drainage vessels that maintain a fresh supply of nutrients to these tissues. This results in damage to the protective skin tissue that shapes the fat and keeps it smooth. By reducing fat, you can reduce the appearance of cellulite to a degree, but it does not eliminate the cause which is the better solution, and the scarring will remain.

La Feytaud is a diet with natural ingredients bought in any supermarket that promotes a healthy nutritious diet and lifestyle. Feed your body correctly, supply it with the right vitamins and nutrients and wrinkles and cellulite can be reduced.

The female hormone Estrogen is responsible for softening the fibrous tissue that closes the womb just before birth. Without this essential hormone, childbirth would be physically impossible. However estrogen being released into the body is not just limited to childbirth. An excess of Estrogen in women is also believed to be one cause of the weakening of the connective tissue that allows the fat to bulge up into the skin.

An excess of Estrogen can be a result of a number of different causes, including an intrinsic hormonal imbalance. The largest causes of estrogen excess are oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy. Estrogen excess can also be due to adrenal insufficiency with ovarian overcompensation; your liver being overworked preventing estrogen breakdown; excess fat or fibre consumption causing problems with enterohepatic circulation of bile from the liver, where it is produced, to the small intestine, where it helps the digestion of fats; and excess alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate or vitamin E.

You see it always comes back to diet and what you put in your mouth. Prevention is better than cure but a healthy diet that includes exercise can make an enormous difference. It is not just about losing weight, it is about feeding your body correctly and maintaining the organs that are essential for a healthy existence. Pollute your system and you destroy the organs you need to function and feel well.

However, although changing your diet will help reduce cellulite, you will also need to change your lifestyle to make a real difference. La Feytaud is not a cure for cellulite but it can help you prevent and reduce the problem to a degree.

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