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Website flipping - making money from buying and selling websites, we buy failing and low traffic internet businesses, turn them into successful websites and sell them on

Website flipping is a term used for building a website or internet business up and then selling it on as a going concern or more commonly used for buying an existing website and developing the business and then selling it as a profitable business. It is not something we would recommend you try until you are really confident about your entrepreneurial abilities.

We do it all the time and, whilst we make a lot of money doing it and do it very successfully, it is not as easy as it sounds and you would most likely be better off buying a small but successful internet site with a proven track record to begin with (covered in the next chapter) than buying a failing internet business and trying to turn it around.


There will be good reasons why a website is making money where you can see ways of improving the profitability even further. If a website is failing, the reasons will most likely only be obvious to someone with the experience to recognise the problems and faults and the expertise to sort the problems out. It's rather like buying a second hand car. If you are a motor mechanic you will understand the problems and have the skills to fix them, if you know little about cars, you are simply buying a lot of problems that you will have to pay a mechanic to sort out.

However, if you have an internet site that is not getting any traffic or earning you any money you may want to consider selling it rather than throwing more good money after bad. We may be interested in buying your website, either as a failing business or a going concern.

It doesn't matter if your website has never had a single visitor or made any sales. Most internet sites are badly designed and developed by website designers who don't understand how the search engines work. We may be able to salvage the content and having redesigned, developed and optimised the site for the search engines, turn it into a site that is making money that we can sell on as a going concern.

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If like millions of other website owners you have never seen a penny in return in online sales or had very low traffic levels, your website may still have a commercial value. Selling it is just one option as the income potential will determine the value of your site and not how much time and effort you have invested or what you paid to have it built.

If you are the owner of a website there may well come a time when you want to sell your website to someone else.


Broadly speaking, there are two reasons why someone might want to sell an existing website. It might be because the website has grown into a proper internet business which is now worth a considerable sum to the right buyer.

Or as is more often the case, you may want to sell a website because it is failing to give you any kind of decent income, you are looking at other income or career options and or the site is becoming more trouble than it is worth....

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Website flipping - making money from buying and selling websites, we buy failing and low traffic internet businesses, turn them into successful websites and sell them on

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