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Website flipping, selling a website, how to make money from website flipping, the art of buying and selling websites and how to spot the potential in an online business

It will be one of the reasons that the website is underperforming and will need replacing with a proper bespoke search engine optimised database. These are expensive because they are written by programmers following a blueprint provided by the search engine optimiser and tailor-made for each website. If your website designer did not build your database from scratch to precise specifications, the bulk of your site is worthless. David covers this subject more fully under the chapter on website design. This is why, when you are choosing a website designer, you should avoid those designers who provide ridiculously cheap quotes. Cheap websites are a waste of money.


Another type of website that is particularly useless are those that come with an RSS feed to upload content. RSS stands for really simple syndication and covers a wide array of applications from news feeds, to weather reports, product ranges and property for sale. In theory, it is a clever idea that allows websites to upload data from a central database. This is fine if you are looking to add useful information like news or weather to your site to make the content more interesting to a visitor.

However, where the main content of the site is using an RSS feed, it renders the website more than useless. Estate agents tend to use them a lot and there are also thousands of retailers who provide their affiliates with an RSS feed to upload their products to their own websites. There are even companies who charge for developing websites for people to sell their products on their behalf and these entrepreneurs then discover that their shiny new website that they have paid for, just for the right to sell the supplier's products, gets no traffic and they end up spending a fortune trying to get visitors to their site.

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The reason that these websites get no traffic is because they are all carrying identical content and Google and the other search engines don't index pages with identical or near similar content. No search engine wants to return web pages in their natural listings that are all identical when someone does a search. It is commonsense but you would be amazed at how many website designers don't understand this. The fact is, if you want a successful website, you have to invest, you have to be prepared to put in the hours and the only shortcuts are the ones that lead to failure. I cover this subject in more detail in the chapter on search engine optimisation.

BANS sites use RSS feeds but the problems can be overcome and this is covered in the chapter on BANS and search engine optimisation and using Utopele.

There are too many reasons to list as to why a website fails and if you are considering buying a website, you should employ someone who really knows what they are doing to give the website a health check. Personally, if you are anything less than an internet expert, I would stay clear of buying any website that is failing because there are so many pitfalls.


Before you approach us with a view to selling your website you need to understand a few things.
  • The value of your website will not be determined by how much you paid for it as you may have paid well over the odds for what is really a cheap build

  • It isn't that important if the site is getting low or zero traffic levels

  • The value will be determined by the quality of the content, the back end systems and the potential to earn money in the future

  • Or a multiple of current and or previous annual revenue

  • Plus, we will be looking at the market place and the level of competition

  • And how much we will have to invest to turn your site into a successful business
There is obviously a major difference between selling a website as a highly profitable going concern and selling a website that has failed. However, strange as it may appear, you are more likely to find it easier to sell a failing website than a website that is making high profits.

There are numerous ways that companies who buy successful websites use to calculate the value. However, my basic rule of thumb for selling a profitable website is to take the average profit earned for the previous three years and multiply by 2.5. If however, the net profit in the last year is far greater than the previous two years, it might be more sensible to work on three times the last year's profit.

There are other factors that can influence the value of a successful website. Current market conditions, who is operating in the same market place, opportunities for growth and some Internet companies will simply buy a site to obtain the unique technology or because they have a similar business and want to remove a thorn in their side. Others will possibly see the potential to expand, merge or diversify a website. It all depends on the market place, the content and if the technology is unique.


If the site is not something that interests us for any reason, we will happily broker the site on your behalf on a commission basis. We will be able to provide a clear idea as to its value and more importantly know how to find potential buyers. We cover how to value a website and what to look for in the next chapter on buying an internet company……..

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Website flipping, selling a website, how to make money from website flipping, the art of buying and selling websites and how to spot the potential in an online business

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