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If you know very little about website design or database programming, it is very easy for designers or programmers to impress you with jargon and their apparent sound knowledge of their apparent field of expertise. In fact many website designers depend on your ignorance to win your design business.

It is therefore simple to fall into the trap of employing designers or programmers for your design project who are not up to the standards required to build a high performing website. Having paid for what appears to be a well crafted website, when you discover that the website you had built does not perform in the search engines, it is often too late.


Good designers are rare, great programmers are rarer still and search engine optimizers who really understand the search engines are as rare as a double lottery winner but just as valuable.

In a unique interview, John Butterworth talks to Leo Osseweijer, Head of IT at the Where On Earth Group and the genius behind database systems like Omni-Links, Alchemy systems and Spartacus pages, David Miles, Marketing Director of Divadani Design one of the Internet's leading website designers and Paul Herbert, CEO of the Where On Earth Group and considered by many to be the Internets leading search engine optimizer.

Q. Can you please explain the business relationship between your two companies?

David. Divadani Design are website designers and handle all the design projects for the group. We also own an Internet business lead generation division specialising in mortgage leads and other specialist areas. As a website design company, we fit neatly alongside the Where On Earth Group who specialise in Internet advertising, marketing and their search engine optimization company, who are recognised as the leaders in their field. It's a profitable relationship for all concerned especially our clients who benefit from each of our areas of expertise.

Q. What sets you apart from other website designers?

Leo. We are Europe's largest internetwork with hundreds of websites under our management and varied but related business interests in Europe. We need a top class web design team working with us to ensure our websites look good and function seamlessly. Divadani Design are the best website designers we have found and that gives us a tremendous advantage over our competitors. I also happen to work with the best search engine optimizer in the business, who has brain like a computer, so all the websites we build together perform to their maximum potential. When Paul looks at a project and says top ten rankings on Google are possible, we can be confident that he will work out the optimization procedures necessary to get the website into the top ten of Google.

Q. Are Where On Earth website designers?

Leo. No, we had a large design team, but the Internet is so competitive, we found it necessary to outsource some of the work to freelance designers. However, we discovered that the reason most of them were freelance was because they were not up to the high standards we require. Luckily, we contracted Divadani Design to work on one of our projects and were so pleased that now they handle all our business. We believe that design is important and best left to a professional design team. We only get involved in the optimization or when a client is looking for further advertising or marketing opportunities.

Q. What type of advertising and marketing opportunities?

Leo. That would depend on the type of client and what they needed. If they were an estate agent or vacation provider for example, we have the facility to advertise their properties across hundreds of websites with one application. This uses a system that I was responsible for developing called Alchemy. It means that clients can advertise across a stream of related websites and use the Internet like they would a high street. So an estate agents properties can be advertised on mortgage websites, removal company websites, legal websites in fact any website related to that type of business and vice-versa. It gives our clients enormous marketing exposure that they would otherwise spend weeks trying to arrange.

Q. Do you use Alchemy in other website applications?

Leo. Alchemy is used in our Omni-Linking programme and is the basis of our Spartacus pages. Omni-Links plays an important role in as much as it links hundreds of websites together with just one link from a website, which is extremely important for link popularity. Spartacus is a mercurial web page content generator, capable of returning data to a web page based on the search someone has entered into a search engine. Both are extremely important in relation to Internet marketing.

Q. Do all the websites you build carry Omni-Links or Spartacus pages?

David. No because it will depend on the type and category of website, the client's decision and also their budget. You have to understand that the websites that carry these pages are also delivering information about other websites and they could be competitors. They are not an easy concept to explain to someone who doesn't understand the Internet. These web pages are capable of capturing huge swathes of traffic that can benefit your website rankings, and generate a lot of business but you cannot control what information Spartacus will actually deliver on any given search because it is driven by the search term entered into the search engine.

Q. Who developed these unique systems?

David. The ideas come from Paul, because he recognised they were important to the design of a website from an optimization point of view. But the brain required to transpose those ideas into database programmes is Leo. It doesn't matter how complex an idea Paul gives him, Leo always provides the solution. I work with a number of programmers but Leo is by far the cleverest I have met.

Q. Is he really a genius?

Paul. I have to agree with David. The Where On Earth Group have some amazing Internet applications that are not just innovative and unique, they are incredible and it is Leo's abilities as a programmer that make it all possible. We make Internet marketing look very easy compared to other website companies.

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