Business website designer in the UK. Designer creating e-commerce websites for UK businesses. We design custom websites that perform. Every website we design is unique.

Divadani Design - UK is a leading website designer based in Witham, Essex. Established in 2001, the company has expanded and built a team of highly talented website designers with the highest reputation for website design & development. With clients from the UK, USA and many other countries, the Divadani Design design team is respected for its innovation, designs, expeditious, precise work and back up after sales service.

In the early months of 2006, Divadani Design entered into business talks with Scopula, a division of the Where On Earth Group and recognised as the best website optimisers in Europe. Scopula were looking for a firm of website designers able to design high quality websites for their corporate clients. At the same time, Divadani Design were looking for a team of search engine optimisers who could deliver exactly what they promised by way of search engine results.


"As a leading website designer in the UK, we have built our reputation for creating some of the best websites on the Internet." Says David Miles of Divadani Design. "However, as the Internet has grown, it has become more competitive and hugely difficult for companies to compete for position on the search engines. We had tried various search engine optimisers in the past with little success and real search engine optimisation, when you are competing against millions of web pages requires a profound knowledge and understanding of the search engines. Scopula have proved time and time again that they have the skills to achieve real results for our clients. It is a perfect partnership with Divadani Design sticking with what we undoubtedly do best and Scopula providing the SEO support required to make the websites we design out perform our clients competitors websites."

Divadani Design design websites that are paid for in stage payments with the final payment payable on delivery. The SEO charges are only payable, once Scopula have achieved the top ten rankings on the search engines that they agreed. It is an ethical approach to business where a client can be assured that they are getting exactly what they have paid for.


We are website designers that take the trouble to find out exactly what you want to achieve from a website. We will learn as much as we can about your business, your market place, your ambitions and your products.

Having established your requirements and looked at how your website will work within your business model, we then draw up a detailed technical specification document for your site.

The specification document acts as the blueprint for your new website, setting out details of all the pages and features that will be included.

We send that to you for review and adjust the specification as required. Only once the specification has been fully approved do we take an initial deposit.

We then create a graphical mockup of our ideas for the design and layout of your new website. With your input, we refine this until it meets your expectations and requirements.

Then we apply the chosen design to all the pages of your website, to create a full prototype.

Once the prototype is approved, we take an interim payment and then we carry out all the backend programming needed to complete the site.

Only once you are happy do we take the final payment from you.

For clients who want to have their website fully optimised to rank well in the major search engines, we work with Scopula throughout the design process to incorporate their SEO methodologies into the website from day one.

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