Innovative website designer in London designs websites that get results. Website designers that are London based but we have clients worldwide.

Divadani Design, the most innovative website designer in London and Scopula, Europe’s premier search engine optimisers work in partnership to design high impact high performance websites. Together, our combined knowledge and experience places us a head and shoulders above our competition. Divadani Design are website designers of distinction, creating visually compelling and easy to navigate websites. Scopula takes care of the search engine optimisation to ensure you get the traffic through the search engines.


Search engine optimisation is like brain surgery and rocket science rolled into one. Divadani Design leave the search engine optimisation to our partner company, choosing to stick with what we do best which is website design. SEO is best left to the people who specialise in this field. Getting a website into the top ten of the search engines when they have millions of pages indexed for competitive key phrases is no mean task. It is not easily explained and even harder to understand.

There are thousands of SEO companies who all claim to work miracles and we tried quite a few before deciding to partner with who we consider to be the best in the business. You will read lots of rubbish about search engine optimisation on the Internet but believe us when we tell you that our partners get results, often within days, when clients have wasted months and vast amounts of money working with time wasters.

Scopula are top class SEO, they get the results the promise and they don’t charge for their services until they have achieved exactly what they agreed to do. Forget everything you have read about SEO, most of it is out of date, much of it is wrong and the bulk of the remainder is just rubbish. Anyone can get a top ten listing on any search engine for an unpopular key phrase. But getting a top ten listing where a search engine has 100 million pages indexed for a competitive phrase is something best left to the experts.


As a website designer based in London, we know we have, what appears to the untrained eye, to be a lot of competition out there. True, there are a lot of website designers, but the reality is, there are very few professional website designers that can produce high performance websites.

When you talk to us about your website design, we won’t baffle you with science. We will talk to you in plain English, clearly explain what we propose and why and won’t try to impress you or cloud the issues with gobbledegook. Our job is to clarify exactly what you want and transpose your ideas into a stunningly visual website that speaks volumes about your company.

We can guarantee that you will love the design we create and will not proceed further until you are happy with what we design. We use all the latest and best technology to design our websites and if you are interested, some of our systems are explained below.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JavaScript form the basis of most serious website design projects. HTML provides the content of a web page, CSS controls the visual appearance, and JavaScript is used to provide additional functionality and interactive features.

PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) is a programming language used in advanced web applications. PHP is commonly used in combination with MySQL databases.

MySQL offers fast seamless performance and is therefore the most popular RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) used in database-driven websites.

The software giant Microsoft is a runner-up in the web technologies competition with its ASP and .NET environment based on Internet Information Server (IIS), used in combination with one of the most sophisticated database systems - MS SQL Server.

We use Microsoft web technologies (ASP and .NET) in combination with Microsoft SQL Server in about 20% of our websites. Although hardware and software costs are higher with Microsoft systems, they provide greater flexibility for complex solutions. This means Microsoft web technologies are often used in large corporate websites.

For websites that require attractive animations, visual effects and interactivity, we use Macromedia Flash. We have designed several websites entirely in Flash, and Flash features to a lesser extent in many of our other websites.

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