Competitive website design companies designing websites for companies world-wide. Website design companies building stunning high impact websites. Our companies specialise in corporate websites for companies keen to exploit the Internet to its full potential.

You are employing two website design companies, when you employ us to design your website. Divadani Design, the UKís most creative and dynamic website design company and Scopula, Europeís leading search engine optimisers. We work together to design visually stunning websites that perform in the search engines. Our two companies form a website design and optimisation team that we believe no other website design companies can better. Divadani Design is a website design company that design websites that are visually pleasing and designed to make visitors stay on your website. We work with the best search engine optimisation company in Europe to ensure you get the traffic you need through the search engines.


You have probably looked at other website design companies with deals that are just not believable. Differences between website designers can be light years apart. We believe we are competitive but we build websites for companies that are serious about succeeding on the Internet. Website design, like any industry is a business where you get what you pay for and within minutes of talking to us, you will realise that we are professionals who understand our business.

Our website design companies have been designing and optimising websites since 1998. We never cease to innovate, we never stop learning and we wonít be happy until you are happy with the website design we create for you.

  1. Divadani Design employ some of the best website designers in the business. We will design you a website that borders on perfection incorporating all the latest design features. We donít start full development until you are ecstatic with the initial design.

  2. Divadani Design are fantastic website designers but search engine optimisation is like rocket science. That is why we work with Scopula, one of the best search engine optimisers in the business. We take care of what we do best and they take care of the painstaking research and development necessary to get your website into the top of the search engines.

  3. Charges for search engine optimisation are invoiced separately to the successful delivery of a website. If you choose to have your website optimised, you never pay until Scopula have succeeded in achieving the search engine results you agreed.

  4. We focus on quality and professionalism at all times. We are not amateurs working from a spare bedroom. Check out our testimonials to see what past clients say about the level of service and expertise we have provided them with.

  5. Our web designers and developers are fully trained and highly skilled professional. That means you can tell us what you need and we will get on and do it with the minimum of fuss.
  6. Time is money. We know that and we realise that your time is valuable. So we offer a fast response and a quick turnaround on all the website projects we undertake.

  7. All our work is unique. We create customised websites designed around your specific needs and requirements. By discussing your aims and objectives with you, we are able to provide the best website solution for your business.

  8. We wonít baffle you with technological jargon. Just tell us what you need and weíll deliver the solution, using whatever technologies are most appropriate. You donít need to know your HTML from your ASP. We communicate with our clients in plain English.

  9. There are some website design companies who will build you a website, take your money, and then disappear. We donít do that. We are here for the long-term to support and maintain your website as required.

  10. We can arrange hosting for your website at competitive rates on reliable servers. We recommend you use our web hosting services but, unlike some website design companies, we donít insist on it.

  11. A website isnít just something to look pretty. Itís an investment and we understand the importance of you getting a return on that investment. So we donít just build great looking websites Ė we develop solutions that help our clients generate income and profits via the internet.

  12. We provide a total service: website design, database development, programming, hosting, support & maintenance, search engine optimisation, domain name registration, advice on marketing and advertising, logo design, and print design services.

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