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Website design and SEO for success on the internet and the basic errors website designers make when choosing a hosting company and search engine optimisation

A typical example of the kind of basic error we see people make is when clients contact us because they are not making any sales through their website or getting poor quality traffic. They have a dot.com website but are a British company looking for clients in the UK. However, the website designer is using an Internet service provider (ISP - (server)) who is based in the USA or India because it is cheap. So if someone is searching Google (pages from the UK) their website will never appear in the listings. This problem does not occur if you have a .co.uk domain because Google recognises these domains as UK registered but many of the other search engines have yet to build this into their algorithms. You would think that this was something that all website designers would understand but you would be surprised at how many have not grasped this essential piece of information and even host their own websites abroad. DOH!

We have come across clients who have spent small fortunes on search engine optimisation trying to get top ten Google rankings when their main problem was actually that their website was hosted on an overseas server and the so-called SEO expert hadn't thought to ask this basic question. Ignorance is never bliss where the internet is concerned.

Setting up a business in a shop or office requires a different kind of investment from setting up an internet business. Entrepreneurs who go down this route normally have specialist advice and a business plan that includes financial projections. Many people, who have an idea for an internet business na´vely believe that because they can get a website built for a few hundred or thousand pounds that the internet offers them a cheap way to start a business. The reality is that, in order to make money on the internet, you need to spend more on marketing and advertising in order to get people to learn about your internet site. Until someone visits your website, you don't have a business. It is simply electronic data stored somewhere and most websites never get seen by anyone.

All too often we are approached by budding entrepreneurs who have a business idea but who have not done a business plan, not done any research, have no marketing or advertising budget and little business acumen. The internet makes it far too easy for these people to set up a website and consequently lose what little money they had. Unlike owning a shop where you might stand a chance of having people see it and therefore pick up passing trade, an internet site is invisible and does not exist until someone clicks on a web page through a search engine or types the web address into their browser. Success on the internet has little to do with having a good idea and a nice looking website.

Many website designers and the internet predators who are looking for the na´ve and vulnerable new internet entrepreneurs prey on this ignorance and are quite happy to build a website and make outrageous promises knowing their victims have little chance of any real success. Whilst it could be argued that it is not the website designer's job to explain the pitfalls of trying to make money on the internet, and whilst a select few are making fortunes on the web, it means that they are usually making money out of people's ignorance.

Let's try and put this into perspective. You wouldn't buy a football, rent a pitch, recruit a few mediocre players and believe you had the equivalent of another Manchester United on your hands would you? The very thought would be preposterous; so why believe that getting a website designer to build you a website on a small budget is going to make you the next eBay? Companies like eBay and Amazon started with millions, they didn't start out with a PC in someone's back bedroom or garden shed. Yet millions of people charge in totally blinkered to the realities of what the internet really is and with little understanding of how the search engines work in the belief that a good or unusual idea is going to make them their fortune.

We are telling you this not to put you off but to keep you grounded and to protect you from wasting money. We have backed many entrepreneurs who have built successful internet businesses with our help and we have shown numerous people how to make money from the various legitimate ways that are available to people with little or no money to invest in money making schemes. The Golden Web is designed to ensure you don't get entangled and consumed by an internet predator and to show you how the internet can become a real money spinner once you understand what you are doing.

To succeed on the internet, you have to recruit the best managers and backroom staff, have the money to buy in the best players to build, manage, develop and market the site and you have to have a winning website to garner the support (customers) to make the whole thing profitable. If you have a business idea that you think is suited for the internet, we can help you successfully launch that business.

However, don't wing off an email to us just yet if you think you have a good business idea. Do your research, prepare a basic business plan including financial projections and test the water by building some web pages on Utopele. This will show us that you are at least serious and not just one of the many people who simply think that a good idea is the basis of a good business.

The big corporate internet companies spend fortunes on their internet presence, have large IT teams working for them full time and have experts advising in every area of the internet. Everything, from the type of server and where your server is situated, the type of website, how it is built, the level of content, how it is written and presented, the type of database, the search engine optimisation, internet advertising, affiliate marketing, linking strategies and a mass of other criteria will have a direct influence on the success of your website. Plus you need to have some money of your own as a small percentage of the development costs for us to take you seriously. This might be just 5%/10% of the initial set up costs but too many people approach us expecting us to fund everything and expect a major stake in the company just because they had the idea. We come across very few original ideas and we don't back people who are not prepared to back themselves financially. It is far too easy to walk away from a project when it's someone else's money and not your own.

Worthless websites are churned out in their millions every year by website designers who know or care little about how the internet works. They fulfill a demand from na´ve internet entrepreneurs who have not done their homework and are blinkered to the realities of how the search engines work. If you have a good idea for the internet, the best way to succeed is find backers and internet partners who understand the search engines and how the internet works.

If you don't have a business idea of your own, we can show you plenty of ways of making money online. The real skill is recognising and avoiding the scams.

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Website design and SEO for success on the internet and the basic errors website designers make when choosing a hosting company and search engine optimisation

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