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We continue our interview with the directors of a leading website design company, (David Miles of Divadani Design) database programming (Leo Osseweijer of the Where On Earth Group) and search engine optimization firm (Paul Herbert of Scopula SEO). All three are recognised as being at the top of their chosen fields. Click here to go to the start of this interview.


Q. What were the benefits of Divadani design partnering the Where On Earth Group?

David. Every website design company will know who the Where On Earth Group are and the influence they have, not just in our industry but across the whole spectrum of the Internet. It doesn't matter what type of project we approach them with, because Paul will invariably say "Go to Google and type in such and such" and they will have related pages in the top ten. The benefits and opportunities are enormous to both companies because as a website design company, we brought a new specialist dimension to the Group which is made up of dozens of companies that are all leaders in their fields of expertise. Every company within the Group can benefit from the expertise of each company and introduce new clients to each other and be confident in the knowledge that their clients are going to receive a first class professional service.

Q. If someone comes to your company with a web site design project, what other areas of expertise can they expect to get help with.

Leo. Obviously, every company is going to get a web site that is well designed and optimized for the search engines. This will also include full networking and linking strategies, which are essential for optimization and traffic purposes. For certain companies we can also provide business lead generation services and advice for new businesses that are new to the market.

David. There are also countless online marketing and advertising services that every company should take advantage of because we have the facility to place information and data across hundreds of websites. The Group is made up of a growing number of specialist marketing companies throughout Europe and the USA. Plus we have partners that are leaders in television advertising, radio advertising, newspaper advertising and magazine advertising. Whatever a company needs by way of marketing and advertising, using whatever medium, the Group has a company that is at the forefront of that sector of the media.

Q. How do you see your web site design company expanding or developing?

David. As far as Divadani design are concerned, we already have plans for expanding the design side of the business. We are constantly on the look out for small but high quality specialist design agencies to expand our network. We have a far stronger product to sell than any of our competitors and can talk with confidence about high performance in the search engines. We also have plans for more business lead generation projects and we are in the early stages of discussions with Where On Earth about future joint ventures.

Paul. Over the years, Where On Earth has expanded by acquisition and merger and if something interesting were to appear, we would probably throw out hat into the ring. However, partnerships like the one we have with Divadani are more interesting, far less expensive and therefore more profitable and we are looking for businesses that do not conflict with our current partnerships. We are on the look out for a really good PR company interested in joining the Group and other sales or service orientated companies.

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