Dynamic web site design company that will design a superb web site for your company. No web site design company understands design and concept more than us. Let our design team quote for the design of your company’s web site.

Divadani Design, the UK’s most innovative and imaginative Web site Design Company and Scopula, Europe’s leading search engine optimisers work in partnership to design superb web sites that will out perform your competition. Divadani Design is a web site design company that design better websites. We work in conjunction with the best search engine optimisation company in Europe to ensure you get the traffic you need through the search engines.


As a website design company we believe we are competitive in the high end fields that we work in. as a professional web site design company, we do not operate in the mass production markets where web site designers use templates to knock out poor quality web sites in the space of a few hours.

Web site design is like any business, where you get what you pay for. We design integrated, e-commerce websites for companies who recognise that their web site is their online representative. If your company requires a web site that is going to compete and beat your competition, you need a professional website company that is going to invest the time in researching your company requirements, your market place and investigate your competition in detail. You won’t get a low level, low budget web site design company doing that.


We are a website design company has a design team that has been designing and optimising websites since 1998. We never cease to innovate, we never stop learning and we won’t be happy until you are happy with the website design we create for you.

There are no hidden extras with us. We are upfront about our charges for design, optimisation, programming and hosting. Every web site we build comes complete with it’s own inbound links to help obtain high search engine placement. If you want your website optimised for the search engines, you do not pay for this side of our service until we achieved your agreed goals.

If you want a stunning high performance website you need to speak to us.

In terms of how we work at Divadani Design and the overall service we can offer you, there are five key areas we focus on:

  1. Higher profits

  2. Our solutions are always profit oriented. We always try to create a web site which makes you money - that's our primary goal! With our expertise, you will have a web site which will be more attractive, easier to use and will result in more people using it and paying for your service. Therefore our solution gives you a chance of making more money.

  3. Lower expenses

  4. We have a team of highly qualified web professionals - some specialising in programming and some in graphic design. This means our solutions have less bugs and flaws in the system. Therefore our sites can work perfectly on cheaper web servers and require minimal maintenance (unlike other designers who charge little at the start, but in the long term the maintenance fees and monthly charges makes the whole thing more expensive).

  5. Convenience (saving time and requiring less work)

  6. We're always there if you need us. We can take care of the hosting and all other related issues on your site. This saves you time, and means that all the work goes smoothly. Many of our clients are people with full-time jobs, working on their web site projects after work. Others are busy business people. So, we are used to guiding people and doing most of the work ourselves, leaving you free to concentrate on other aspects of your new business.

  7. Safety

  8. We know how to protect your site from the most common security issues, unlike some other companies who don't care about it. We keep full backups of all sites and we even offer regular data backups for database driven web sites such as yours.

  9. Professionalism

  10. We offer a quick turnaround, coupled with expert design.

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