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Correct web hosting is the basis on which any website designers should establish their keyword optimisation to increase search engine traffic and improve client sales. No internet marketing project nor any reciprocal link building strategy has any hope of succeeding if the web hosting is not correct. Strange then, that website developers and owners pay little attention to where they host their websites and why so many web businesses fall at the first hurdle.


One of the first questions our search engine optimisers ask when talking to a new client is "Where is your website hosted?" Answers range from "I don't know" to "It's a company in such and such UK." However, just because you are using a UK hosting company does not mean that your website is being hosted in the UK.

What is the significance of this and is it important? Well, if you own a .com website and your marketplace is mainly UK based clients and your website is being hosted in the USA or India, your website will not come up on search engines like Google that offer search facilities to find pages only from the UK.

You would think this was common sense, but we speak to website owners all the time who complain that their website isn't being found on Google UK pages and it is invariably because they have a UK website designer who is a reseller for cheap hosting companies outside of the UK. So it doesn't matter what you do to try to get your website found, as far as the search engines are concerned, your website is based in India, USA, China the Philippines or anywhere else where the server hosting your website is based.

You would think that the website designer would know this, but like most website designers, they know very little about how the search engines work which is why it has never occurred to them that hosting a website on a cheap server supplied by a cheap non UK based web hosting company is financial suicide for their clients.

If on the other hand, it was your choice of hosting company and your decision was purely based on costs, your decision to save a few pounds has most likely cost your company a small fortune. I emphasis the point again to get it across - just because you are dealing with a UK based hosting company does not mean that their servers are based in the UK.

UK web hosting is probably the most expensive on the internet. Office space is more expensive and IT staff salaries are more expensive meaning they have no chance of competing with emerging companies offering cheap web hosting. On the other hand, if you are selling to UK residents who are searching pages from the UK and have a .com domain, you will starve to death before they find you.


Other problems that new clients ask us are:

  • Why is my website so slow?

  • Why has my website disappeared from the search engines?

  • Why do emails I send out keep bouncing back when the recipient has no problems getting emails from everyone else?

  • Why don't the search engines list all my web pages?

  • My website disappeared and has been replaced by an old copy?
Why is my website so slow? This may be the poor design but it is just as likely that your website is hosted on a slow server or a server that is packed to capacity which will slow it down especially when USA residents are logging on.

Why has my website disappeared from the search engines? Many reasons for this, but one is that you are being hosted on a server that has been blacklisted. You have no control over the types of other websites and their activities that are hosted on the same server as your website. As most Spam comes out of the states and the emerging third world countries, and they don't care who they host as long as they pay, you get blacklisted because your website is on the same ISP. (Internet service provider)

Why do emails I send out keep bouncing back when the recipient has no problems getting emails from everyone else? Most likely answer is that your website is sitting on an ISP that is hosting websites sending lots of Spam. AOL and other broadband suppliers will blacklist websites hosted on these types of ISP's and your website will get dragged down with all the sites being hosted there.

Why don't the search engines list all my web pages? Could be any number of reasons including the design because most websites are not built so the search engines can access the information. However a good starting point is the server where your domain is located. If it is slow, packed to capacity with lots of other websites that get a lot of traffic, most search engine spiders will enter and leave because time is money.

My website disappeared and has been replaced by an old copy? All servers go down from time to time for a myriad of reasons. When they are restored, they go back up with the information that was last saved. Most professional ISP's back up every hour, if you are dealing with a cheap overseas hosting company, they may not make regular backups in which case if their server went down, it went back up with data that may have been months or even years old. Unless your website designer has kept the latest files, your website is lost forever.

We only provide hosting to our clients where we are managing everything to do with their internet marketing, linking strategies, search engine optimisation or website design. We don't cram our servers so that they are slow, we don't host spammers or other offensive websites that could cause our clients problems and we provide extra curricular hosting servers aimed at generating more traffic.

Certainly not the cheapest and if you are interested in cheap hosting instead of profit from your website, we would be the last ISP to consider. If on the other hand you need an ISP that can also help you get more internet traffic, web hosting is just one service that we provide as an overall package.