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If you found our website through the search engines, it stands to reason that we know how to design and optimize websites for the search engines.

If you are operating in a competitive market and looking for high traffic levels through the search engines, search engine optimization is best left to the professionals.

Small, low content websites operating in niche markets where the search engines have less than one or two million pages indexed for an uncompetitive search phrase, can, with a few keywords and well chosen meta tags achieve some success.

If you are looking for information about search engine optimization, where you are competing against big high traffic websites, you should employ a team of professional search engine optimizers.

Hardly any search engine optimization companies have the necessary skills and knowledge to turn a small poor performing website into a real money earner. So never pay money in advance on the promise that your website is going to slowly climb the search engines and don't think for one moment that the companies who really have the secret of the search engine algorithms are going to publish the formulas for search engine optimization on the web.

These companies are like the scammers who tell you they are millionaires and for a fee, they will tell you how they did it. If you have a proven method of making money, the last thing you do is tell anyone else how to do it.

Most search engine optimization companies are still trying to work out how the top firms achieve the results they do. Optimization, done correctly, gets results within days not months.

Correct search engine optimization, if done properly is complex, multi-faceted and requires hours of research, plus a full and clear comprehension of the major search engine algorithms. Most optimizers work on a combination of content, related content, partitioned content, networking, links from related websites and web pages, traffic levels, keywords, parked systems, related key phrases, semi-static pages, static data, link popularity, integrated links, relative traffic levels, page set ups, multiple web portals, networked content, non generic platforms, how often the content is updated and changed and hundreds of other tried and tested formulas.

Most search engine optimizers won't even know what most of this is, do not understand the importance of Omni-Linking, how to construct Spartacus pages or even what they are. Sometimes, it is necessary to take a website that has not been built for the search engines apart and put back together so that the search engines can actually read the pages. Yes, some website designers actually build websites so that the search engines cannot read the content or get past the home page.

A legitimate optimizer will not guarantee a top ten position in the organic results of Google, will not charge up front for their services and avoid anyone who claims they have a special working relationship with Google.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION RESULTS Scopula are the undisputed leaders in search engine optimization in Europe and in our opinion get the best results for their clients. Top ten placements are normally gained within 10 to 14 days of the completion of a project not the months other optimizers claim it takes to climb the search engines.

If you have a website that you need optimizing, we would recommend you contacting them.

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