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Understanding the internet and how to make money online, a guide for internet entrepreneurs to grasp the basics of the internet and how to use search engines for financial gain


David Miles first stumbled across the internet in 1993 whilst visiting a friend who was at university. In those days, the world wide web really was in its infancy and the internet was dominated not by websites but by email, Usenet newsgroups and IRC (Internet Relay Chat). The few websites that did exist were dull, mostly text-based affairs, with no interactive features, and designed simply to convey information rather than to make money.

In effect, the internet at that time was a grown-up version of the bulletin board systems (BBS) that had been popular amongst computer enthusiast for many years previously.

So different was the internet back in the early and mid 1990s that David once famously remarked to a client that he didn't see that anyone would ever be able to use it as a way to make big money. He was later to prove himself very wrong and now earns his living exclusively from using the world wide web and the internet to make money.

More on that later, but first a bit more history.

From an early age, David harboured a strong desire to enter the world of business and to achieve financial success. Although academically gifted (he was privately educated having won a scholarship to a well known public school at the age of eleven), David resisted his teachers' efforts to persuade him to apply to Oxford or Cambridge. In fact, by the age of eighteen, he was so frustrated by the confines and narrow-minded thinking of the Establishment figures that ran his school that he rejected university altogether in favour of going out and making his own way in the world.

Realising that he needed some practical experience David looked for a suitable job which would equip him sufficiently to branch out on his own and launch his own business. Having rejected an offer of a job with IBM on the grounds that the work would not have been varied enough, he began working for a small PC manufacturer providing technical advice and support to its customers.

From there he moved to a larger company in London where he was appointed manager of the technical support department at the relatively young age of nineteen.

These were the only two full-time jobs that David ever had working for someone else. It probably says something about his approach to business that neither job was ever advertised. In each case, David got the job by going into the company, persuading the boss to talk to him and convincing him that he needed to find a place for him in the organisation.

David set up his first business in 1996 providing IT consultancy services to large corporate companies such as HSBC, BT, Diageo, Shell, and several others. During that time, he developed his own small business largely by learning from the good and bad things that he saw practiced in the large organisations which made up his client base.

As a business consultant to such companies, he developed the ability to take complicated technical concepts and explain them in the kind of language that was comfortable for non-technical members of staff - whether it was the man in the mail room or the CEO.

Similarly, he rapidly learned how to analyse the problems and requirements of a business and come up with IT based solutions to improve productivity, reduce costs and increase profits.

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Understanding the internet and how to make money online, a guide for internet entrepreneurs to grasp the basics of the internet and how to use search engines for financial gain

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