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How to understand internet hosting and servers, why a website might be slow and how your ISP may inadvertently get your website blacklisted


Some hosting companies cram as much data as possible onto their servers or host websites that send out a lot of spam emails or porn sites which tend to be the most visited websites on the internet. This means that they tend to be slower and problematical for the search engine robots to gather data from. So the type of server and where it is hosted can have a direct effect on how many web pages the search engines may index from your website and how they will be ranked in their search results. What programs it is capable of carrying and how the server is configured will also determine how your website functions, especially if it has a database.

So the internet, that most people take for granted and think of as performing a number of simple functions, is actually a highly complex network being maintained and managed by millions of people all collaborating and talking to each other. When you do a search or send an email, depending on where you are in the world and where the information is stored or where the recipient of your email is located, there may be scores of computers and routers being used to deliver that information. You may be paying a company for the right to connect to the web and may be paying a hosting company a small fee for hosting your website, but you will have millions of other people all providing you a free service and ensuring your email is delivered. What a shame that the rest of the world can't get on in the same way.

So, when you are thinking about setting up an internet business, your choice of hosting company is going to be important; just like your choice of website designer. However, the success of your website is also going to depend on being found by people surfing the internet so it is important that you understand how the search engines work.

It is even more essential to understand how the search engines work to avoid getting ripped off by cowboy website designers and internet predators. These are the fat spiders who spin their golden web to entice and entrap you with cleverly written marketing designed to make you believe that the internet is a money machine that anyone with a computer can exploit. Sadly, it is the people who can least afford to lose money, that are the most desperate to earn money and therefore most vulnerable and receptive to persuasion. These internet predators normally hide behind anonymous websites that provide no other form of contact than an email address. Having parted with your money, despite all the false guarantees they make, you have no way of getting your money refunded.

So the first golden rule is never pay any money over to any website that does not provide a genuine contact telephone number.

The internet offers you the opportunity to sell your products or other people's products or services to a global market. However, the search engines expose you to global competition meaning your web pages are often competing with tens of millions of other web pages. Most website designers and scammers will tell you the former and fail to mention the latter. You would think that most people would understand and recognise this basic and fundamental problem but they are in fact so focused on the idea of making millions, that they fail to consider the complexities and problems this poses. There are of course solutions but they require investment and/or someone who really understands how the internet and search engines work.

Whilst it is possible to take a business idea, or someone else's business idea and have a website built, or build you own web pages, having an idea and an internet site does not constitute a successful business as most people who go down this road discover. Many scam sites offer to build you a website which is normally identical to thousands of others. The search engines and Google in particular do not index web pages with duplicate content and therefore these websites aren't worth the paper (or should that be pixels?!) they are printed on. This therefore leaves the owner with no alternative but to pay for pay per click advertising and other expensive internet marketing strategies to generate traffic. The victims learn very quickly that this is just a way to get them to spend money selling someone else's products or service. The only people making money out of these schemes are the people behind them, not the ones paying through the nose to earn someone else a fortune.

However, despite all this doom and gloom, if you are looking for ways to make money on the internet or have a business idea that you want to launch on the web, there are genuine and economic ways to earn a very lucrative income. Just take it steadily and build your internet business up slowly and surely as you gain experience.

The biggest problems are: it is far too easy to have a website built for a small investment without any forethought as to how customers are going to find the website; and all too easy to read something on a website with false testimonials and get sucked in when you are keen to make money. There are too many website designers who will happily build a website to order without mentioning the problems related to how to get visitors to it, and there are probably millions of get rich schemes that are nothing more than pyramid schemes with no end product, which are of course illegal. Consequently, new internet entrepreneurs who are ignorant of how the internet and search engines work lose money all the time and the owners of these illegal scams have disappeared and set up their next hoax long before the authorities have been able track them down.

Having said all this, there are of course many professional website design firms and genuine income generation companies who hate the scammers, cowboys and hoaxers as much as we do. Professional website designers come up against the problem of having to quote for website design in competition with a cowboy designer. The problem of trying to explain why one quote is ten times that of another is difficult and it is only when someone has opted for a cheap website and found it doesn't get any traffic that they realise just how expensive the cheap quote actually was. By then of course, it is too late. They have parted with their money and lost a small fortune in the lost revenue the site should have been generating.

If you have a business idea for the internet or are looking at setting up an internet business selling other companies products or services, the best thing to do is to start off by building a website on Utopele. This costs very little in comparison to having a website built and will enable you to test the water, research to see if there is actually a demand for your product or service and stand far more chance of getting traffic than owning a small stand alone site. We explain why Utopele is such an important search engine and essential to the success of any internet business later in the book. You can even drive traffic to an existing website using Utopele if you have a website that is getting low visitor levels.

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How to understand internet hosting and servers, why a website might be slow and how your ISP may inadvertently get your website blacklisted

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