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Most small business websites fail - that's a fact; so before you run off and choose a UK website designer to help you launch your new internet business, take the time to research your idea and competition. As a top website design company we have helped hundreds of small businesses succeed on the internet and can provide everything you need to give you the best chance of success.

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On the assumption that you are a small business, have limited financial resources, can't afford to lose money and need to start making profits fast, there are a number of factors you need to consider that are essential to the success of your internet company. This may appear to be negative stuff, but as most people make the same mistakes and lose their shirts, you would be best advised to take this information on board.

A website is a marketing tool that can be used for a variety of things; creating brand awareness, launching new products or services, generating sales enquiries, selling things online, data collection, market research and many other purposes. Built the right way and used to target the right market place, it can generate huge profits. Most websites are not built for the search engines nor constructed in a way to target the right audience. In fact, most websites get little or zero traffic because they are not built for the search engines and the designer doesn't understand how the internet works.

Presumably you are a small business that may have big ideas and ambitions for the internet. We can't cover every scenario here, so have to talk in general terms but this is the best bit of advice you will read on the internet and something you won't hear from other website designers; who will happily build you a website to your specifications and without a moments thought or care as to whether you will ever see a penny in return.

First of all, a website needs to be optimised to target a local, regional, national, continental or global audience. The search engine optimiser is the architect who provides the blue print specifications for the designer to work to. Most websites are built without employing a search engine optimiser which is like building a house with an architect. Most website designers work to a template, so whether you are a plumber looking for clients in Brighton, a lingerie company looking for clients in Kent, a firm of solicitors looking for clients in England or a clothes manufacturer looking for clients worldwide, you will all get the same website but with a different look.

If you type - plumbers Brighton - into Google you will get close to 400,000 web pages returned. If you type - clothes - into Google, you will get about 150 million pages that Google has indexed and there in lies the problem. The bigger your audience, the more competitive the search term and a one size fits all website can't do the job. Money wasted out of ignorance and poor advice.


You wouldn't set out on a round the world trip in a 10ft dinghy yet millions of website owners who have dreams of reaching a global audience do exactly that and sink to the bottom of the internet from day one. The facts are; the bigger your target audience, the bigger the site, the more content, the more search engine optimisation required and that needs to be matched by investment.

You need to gain experience, build your target audience up and develop your website by starting out on your local pond and continuing to build and develop your website until it is capable of competing at the top of Google amongst the big boys.

This may have put a bit of a dampener on your ideas for world dominance, but it is sound commonsense that if ignored will end in you getting more than your feet wet. You simply cannot expect a small website to compete against websites with thousands of web pages in the search engines and any attempt will simply fail.

Furthermore, despite all your enthusiasm for your business idea, if you have not tested the water and done your research, you can have no way of knowing if your business idea is going to succeed. This is why we often advise new entrepreneurs to start out by building their own website to see if there is a demand for their product or service as it is a cheaper and potentially more profitable way of starting out on the internet.

This may appear that we are turning business away but we believe in "best advice" at all times and hopefully, when you know that your business has potential, you will come back to us to build your professional site. You will also have a clearer idea of what is possible and what you are trying to achieve.

Do not for one moment think that just because you have a website that you are going to be inundated with visitors and sales. All the major internet companies invest in marketing and advertising; they don't just depend on search engine traffic. We can help you with this too.

There are a myriad of ways that you can generate traffic to your website. Professionally managed, they can prove highly profitable, managed badly, they can be a black hole into which you pour your money. Success on the internet requires investment and the more successful your website becomes the more you need to reinvest.

If you are a small business, you should start out small and build your business up. Unless you are a large corporation with the resources and business experience to start out big, you should not set your horizons too far.

A website is not a printed brochure, it can be changed, developed, enlarged and improved as your business expands. We can guide and advise you on all aspects of website design and how to succeed on the internet. We are looking for a long term business relationship with every client and in order to achieve this, you need to be in business for the long term and profiting from our skills and experience. Small businesses grow with our help.

If however, you are a large company and are looking to redevelop, improve your traffic levels or need a brand new website, we have skilled staff who can help you with your corporate website design.

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