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An ECommerce website is simply a website with a searchable database that allows customers to purchase goods online. Thousands of these types of websites are uploaded to the internet every week but few ever get to the top of the search engines. There are so few companies who can be classed as top website designers, that the majority of ecommerce sites that are built never return their owners a penny profit. There are a number of reasons for this and when it explained, it makes common sense.

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However, commonsense and business sense where the internet is concerned are rare commodities and most people trot off to a website designer with a basic idea for a website and get exactly what they asked for. A website with a searchable database, a facility to upload their products, an about us page, contact page and a few other information pages.


Having taken delivery of their shiny new website and uploaded their product content, they sit back and wait for the sales to come in; and wait and wait, until the realisation slowly dawns on them that their website isn't getting any traffic and without visitors, they are not going to make any sales. So back they trot to the website designers who say they have delivered exactly what they were asked for and upheld their side of the bargain, leaving the problem squarely on the shoulders of the client.

The internet is a bit like the California gold rush. Everybody has jumped onboard the gravy train with a nonsensical idea that they are going to strike gold and the people making the money are the ones selling them their picks and shovels. Website designers sell picks and shovels but never tell you where or how to dig, they simply make their money from the poor schmucks who have staked their claim on the internet and end up disappointed.

There are a number of reasons why most Ecommerce websites never get any traffic.

  • To keep costs down the website designer used an off the shelf, one size fits all database programme that is totally meaningless to the search engines. That is one of the reasons that his quote as cheaper than a professional website design company and why the website is a waste of internet space.

  • The client is just one of thousands selling the same products and using an RSS feed to upload his product content to save time and money. Nice move except the search engines don't like duplicate content and so don't index the database pages. As far as they are concerned, you have nothing for sale.

  • The website probably has less than ten static pages, a useless database and is trying to compete against massive websites with hundreds or possibly thousands of web pages.

  • The website has never been optimised for the search engines and therefore doesn't get ranked for any search term.

There are so many poorly designed website on the internet that never stood a chance of getting found it would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. Everyday, people part with their hard earned money in the hope of making it big only to find they have been sold a pup. And the reason this happens is because they don't ask the right questions and don't understand how the internet really works.


If you are thinking of having an Ecommerce website built it is essential that you understand your market place, your competition and the internet. The World Wide Web is not a level playing field, it does not provide everyone with an equal opportunity to make money and it is no place for idiots. If you can take this onboard and understand that just having an Ecommerce website built is only the starting point, you will be better prepared than most as many people think that once their website is set up, the money will just flood in.

If you are thinking of having an Ecommerce website designed you need to have a clear understanding of how much competition you have. You can do this by doing a few searches on Google using suitable search terms. It is highly likely the search engine will return several million web pages that are all competing for the same business. If this is the case you have three options open to you; give up the idea because you don't have the finances to compete; have the website built and commit to pay per click advertising and other marketing strategies to drive traffic to the site; or employ a top website design company who can talk you through a number of options.

Our job is not to just build you a website but to advise you how best to take advantage of the millions of internet users who source products and services online. You set the budget and we tell you what is achievable and if your business plans for the internet are realistic. You cannot expect to go after a worldwide market on a shoestring budget as you will be competing against big players who are investing small fortunes in their internet presence. However, you can focus on a smaller audience and develop the site as your business grows.

This might not be the advice you wanted to hear and to be honest, there are plenty of website designers who will happily follow your instructions and build you a website to your specifications. And you know what? You will have wasted your money along with millions of other website owners who didn't grasp that the internet exposes you to global competition and is not the rainbow with the pot of gold at the end.

If you are going to succeed on the internet you need a firm of top website designers who understand the search engines and can handle all your online activities. You shouldn't attempt to make money from the internet unless you have the financial resources to invest, a website is the same as any business, you may be able to run it from your spare bedroom but an internet business comes with different overheads. Ignore this piece of advice at your peril.

You found this website at the top of Google for a number of reasons. It has been correctly optimised for the search engines; it carries tens of thousands of web pages; it has unique content; it gets high traffic levels, it is well established and a crack team of specialists developing it 24/7. It is a multi-million pound project that started out small and has continually developed and evolved.

Your Ecommerce website doesn't have to start out big but you have to understand that you cannot target a world-wide audience with a small website and that your website will need to grow as your business grows. We can advise and help you establish and develop your business if you draw on our years of experience, learn from our mistakes and allow us to help you avoid making mistakes of your own.

We can help you avoid the pitfalls, help you with all your marketing and advertising and steer you away from the predators who are out their looking for the idiots who believe you can get rich overnight with a website. Internet businesses take time to develop, it takes hard work and it takes experience, the same as any business and you are sitting on a website owned by a firm top website designers who have experience in building small business websites.

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