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Following on from the previous page about why you should only work with top website designers, the next subjects to cover are the type of website you need and what you are actually trying to achieve by having a website built. The usual scenario is a client approaches a website design company and tells them what they want and the designer then turns out a few designs for the customer to choose from. Little wonder then that most website projects fall at the first hurdle as the website designer knows nothing about the client's business and the customer knows nothing about how the search engines work and what he needs the website to do. Websites of this nature are churned out in their thousands everyday and are a total waste of money.

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Ignorance is of course bliss and the client is initially pleased with how the website looks until the reality sets in and he realises that his website isn't being found by potential clients and starts to ask the questions he should have asked at outset. It is often the case that we turn down a project and advise the client to build their own website not because we don't want the business but because the client could get a perfectly good website, building it themselves that will outperform the type of site they need, more suited to their requirements and for 10% - 20% of the cost. Plus it prevents unscrupulous website designers getting the business and building a website they know full well is never going to succeed at the level required to make it profitable. We believe in giving best advice at all times.

We also recommend self build websites when we believe that the project doesn't justify the expense or that the client should test the water first to see if their product or service is suited to the internet. Far better to spend a couple of hundred pounds than a couple of thousand on an untested idea. If it proves successful, the self build website isn't wasted because it can be linked into any new brochure or custom designed website we subsequently build.

If you are planning on having a website developed, you should consider the following questions before you approach us.

  • Why do you want a website and what are you expecting it to do?
    Are you trying to create awareness of you shop to attract local custom or trying to create brand awareness? Are you expecting to make sales online? Are you looking for enquiries you can then respond to in order to sell a service? And so on because the answer to every question will probably prompt us to ask further questions. This fact finding exercise enable us to understand your business more fully. And this will help us determine whether your project warrants a custom built website, what type of website or if you would be better off building your own site.

  • What products or services are you expecting to market through the site?
    Some products lend themselves to being sold over the internet better than others. If it is a well known or popular product, then you are going to be up against stiff competition. If it is a new or unknown product, then the problems are different. Our marketing department can help with new product launches. However, what other website designers won't point out to you is the fact that the search engines are reactive not proactive and only respond to questions asked. So if nobody knows about your new product, they won't be using the internet to find you. We have a number of excellent solutions to this problem.

  • Are you trying to attract local, regional, national or a worldwide audience?
    This will affect the optimisation of the website and of course the overall cost. If you sell books, you are going to be in competition with the likes of Amazon and trying to compete with them on a world wide basis is going to cost millions. On the other hand, if you are a book shop and you want to attract more customers through your doors and are only looking at finding a local audience, you could, with our help kick Amazon into touch. The wider the audience, the greater potential for sales, the more it costs to compete. You may be opening your business up to be found by a worldwide audience but you are also exposing yourself to worldwide competition; such is the nature of the internet.

  • What is going to make you more competitive than your competition?
    It is one thing to get traffic to your website and quite another to make sales. Your potential clients will be just to clicks away from your competitors. Your website has to be designed in such a way as to draw people in; the marketing has to be attention grabbing and you need to be offering something that is unique in some way. This may be price, service, additional bolt ons or special offers. You have to have a USP (unique selling point) that makes people want to buy.

  • Have you done any internet research about your competitors and potential clients using the internet?
    Try doing some searches using key phrases that you believe people would be using to find your website. Check out how many pages Google has indexed for each search phrase. Which websites are consistently in the top ten? These are your competitors. Type - best internet company - or - top internet company - into Google and you will find us in top spot out of tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of web pages. You have to be able to compete at some level to stand any chance of success. You also have to have a clear idea of ho many people are using the internet to source your kind of product or service. This should then help you determine exactly ho much you are going to need to invest in the design of your website and internet marketing.

  • Is there a demand for your product? Is it a new product launch? Do people know it exists?
    The answers to these questions will determine how the search engine optimisers design the blueprint for your website and why it is business suicide not to use a website design company ho don't employ search engine optimisers or understand the internet.

  • Is it a product that can be sold through a website?
    Some products and services lend themselves to the internet better than others. You may buy a book over the internet but would you buy a suit without being measured up and fitted? Sometimes a website should be used for marketing and creating brand awareness rather than online sales.

  • Is the purpose of the site to sell online or purely a marketing exercise to create awareness?
    Some websites are set up as Ecommerce websites without offering any point of contact or back end service. Often these websites would have been better designed as marketing websites to attract enquiries and enabling the sales personnel to make contact with the potential client to make a sale. Setting them up as ECommerce websites means they may get a lot of visitors but very few sales.

  • Who are your main competitors?
    To compete on the internet you need to know your competitors and more importantly, you need a top website design team on your side to ensure you win. Our researchers, analysts and search engine optimisers will be looking at your competition and working out the strategies to beat them in the search engines.

  • How much competition is there for key phrases potential customers will use to find your website?
    There will be times when Google will return tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of web pages for a competitive search term. Whilst the number of pages indexed affects the overall competitiveness of a search term, it is also important to understand what your competitors are doing by means of search engine optimisation. It is also important to understand that if you dislodge a competitor from a top Google ranking, it is unlikely that they are going to just sit back. That is why you need a top internet company working on your behalf.

  • Have you tested the water to see if there is a need for your product or service?
    Whilst we would love to get the contract to design your website we always recommend caution before jumping in the deep end. This is especially the case for new products of companies with a limited budget. Building your own website to test if the internet is the best medium for your product is the cheapest form of research you can do. It costs a couple of hundred pounds and can save you many thousands.

  • What is you budget to have a website designed?
    No good saying how much will it cost; you must have made a business plan and built costings into your financial projections. All too often we talk to entrepreneurs who want to start an internet business who are totally unprepared for business. The cost of a website is secondary to the business it should be generating. You are in business for profit and you should have a business plan forecasting turnover, overheads, marketing and advertising costs, profits etc. Too many budding entrepreneurs enter the internet on a wing and a prayer. If you have a business plan you should know how much you are expecting to send on having a website designed. If we know your budget, we can usually work out the best way to build your website and what you can expect to get by way of traffic. If you budget is too small, which is often the case, we will advise you to start out by building your own site and waiting until you can afford a realistic budget. Opting for a cheaper quote will almost certainly end in you wasting your money. The internet is a graveyard of failed internet businesses. Ignore this piece of advice at your peril.

  • What else are you planning to do to generate traffic through your new site?
    It doesn't matter how well your website is designed and optimised, no internet company can depend on survival by expecting to survive off search engine traffic alone. Simply owning a website does not guarantee success on the internet and your business plan should include budgets for SEO, internet marketing, online and offline advertising, affiliate marketing, linking strategies, pay per click advertising and a raft of other online and offline marketing methods.

All this information is not designed to put you off but to ensure you don't go plunging in blinkered to the potential problems you are likely to face. Other website design companies will simple sell you on the idea that they can build you a website. We have business consultants who can advise you as we have a reputation to protect for building successful websites. Furthermore, if you are now wondering if you have the right idea and or financial resources to succeed on the internet, we do partner new internet businesses if we feel the idea has potential.

Having ascertained all the facts, the next task is to establish the type of website that is best suited to your internet project. If you are going for a bespoke project, you need to determine who and why they should build your website and if they really are top website designers.

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