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There are various reasons why a company should choose to have a website but they are all pointless if the website doesn't get the expected levels of traffic. Best website design involves search engine optimisation and as top website designers we focus on building sites that have every chance of success. This doesn't just include the overall look and feel of the website. We can back every internet project with a range of other advertising and marketing services to help generate the right type and quality of visitors to your website.

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A website, like any other form of business needs to become known and attract a continuous flow of loyal customers and this can only be achieved with advertising and marketing. Top website design will ensure the search engine rank your website high in their natural listings but any business needs to be advertised and marketed on a continuous basis to keep brand awareness in the public mind.

There are numerous types of websites and choosing the right type will depend on your requirements. Will you be selling online and taking credit card payments through secure online payment facilities? Or will you be looking to generate sales enquiries that your sales team can follow up? Alternatively you may be looking to use a website to create brand awareness and generate sales through foot traffic through your shop.

Then we need to look at your market place. Are you a company that only wants potential clients from your town, an area within a specified number of miles of your business, just from a state or county, a larger region, national, continent or worldwide? This will determine who the search engine optimiser will target to get the right type of visitors. The wider the area, the bigger the site needs to be and the higher the development costs incurred. This is where most website design as many website designers simply build one type of website to fit all sizes and the internet doesn't work like that.

A more difficult issue is attracting the right type of visitors - the people who are actually going to buy. There is no point is attracting millions of visitors if they are not serious buyers. An example of this may be if you have a holiday website. You may have thought of optimising it for worldwide holidays. However, anyone typing this type of search phrase into a search engine is not someone who has decided on a destination. Someone do a search for holidays in the Dordogne, however has already decided on a destination and whilst this search phrase will attract a far lower visitor count, they will be quality traffic. It all adds to the costs and it is a matter of getting the balance right.

As explained earlier, the internet is reactive, not proactive and there will be people using the internet to source products who will not be looking for your service but would be interested if they new you existed. There are solutions to this problem that we have been using successfully for a number of years.


As the name suggests, a brochure site is simply a website that is designed to act as a digital brochure. They can contain any number of pages but if you need a simple brochure site of less than 8/10 pages we would advise you building your own website as a more economic and profitable exercise.

Brochure websites do not have a database and cannot be used for online sales. They should be used to generate sales enquiries, provide information and create brand awareness. They should therefore be informative, easily navigated and appealing to draw visitors in. Prominent call to action buttons should be used.

Small brochure sites of less than twenty five web pages can be optimised to attract local and close vicinity search engine traffic. If you are looking to capture a regional audience, the search engine optimisers are likely to need fifty to one hundred web pages to work from. National audience websites require anything from one hundred to a five hundred pages and if you are hoping to attract a worldwide audience, you should be looking at five hundred to possible thousands of pages, depending on your competition.

We often get approached by website owners who are trying to attract a worldwide audience with a fifteen page website. This is like trying to catch a whale with a hook and line. Content is everything to the search engines and most websites are not built for the search engines, so their hook doesn't even have any bait. In short, the wider the audience you are trying to reach the bigger your website needs to be.

A brochure website needs to be optimised correctly and from an SEO point of view, constantly grow organically using either SEO databases, articles, forums and or Blogs. Some website owners like to use content management systems so that they can manage their own content. However, whilst content is King as far as Google is concerned, content provided using CMS is usually poorly optimised and therefore a wasted opportunity to win more traffic.

The wider the audience you want to attract, the bigger the website needs to be and obviously the more you have to invest in your internet project. Other website designers won't tell you this. To ensure they get the business, they will build you a website to your specifications, knowing full well that you stand little chance of success. We, on the other hand, rather than have a disgruntled client further down the line, will tell you that your plans for internet dominance are flawed to prevent you wasting money.


A brochure website can constantly evolve and grow if it is set up correctly with future plans in mind. If you have plans for world dominance but only a small budget to et your business off the ground, then you are best advised to go after a local or regional clientele and as your business grows, expand your website to national, continental and then global proportions as and when you can afford to invest. Going after a global audience with a small website is doomed to failure from the start. It is all about conquering your local competition before trying to conquer the world.

Common sense has to tell you that you cannot build a multi-million pound business overnight with a couple of grand. There are millions of internet entrepreneurs who have wasted their money having a small brochure website developed in the hope of making millions and never got a penny back in return. Instead of having a website designed to target a specific audience, they have set out to try and haul in a large catch with a fishing net that is too small to catch anything substantial.

A brochure site, no matter what size has to be optimised to catch the right traffic and this can only be done by carrying the right type of content. Don't get sucked in by a website designer who claims to be able to build you a cheap website. A Reliant Robin cannot hope to compete with a Ferrari no matter how much you tinker under the bonnet. Time and money wasted is all you will achieve.

If you have plans for a website that involves making sales on line, you are best off talking to a firm of top website designers.

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