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When you are considering having a website designed, there are a number of factors you need to take into consideration that will determine the success or failure of your internet project. The most important of these is your choice of website designer. Whilst this might appear to be the most obvious of statements; unless you have a full understanding of how the search engines work and what constitutes best website design it is very easy to fall into the trap of selecting a website designer who will build you a website that will never return you a penny profit.

Exploring this section of our website will give you clear and precise advice of what constitutes best website design and how to determine if you are talking to a top website designer or a design company who have little or no understanding of what is required to build a website that will attain top rankings on Google and the other major search engines. If you are serious about succeeding on the internet with a new website, please invest a little time in researching the information on this website - it will prevent you make costly errors.


The mistakes that most people make when choosing a website designer is either choosing a local design company for convenience, asking a friend who is a supposed whiz kid with computers or simply opting for the cheapest quote because it appears to be the best deal. All three options, whilst be convenient and possibly cheaper in the short term will undoubtedly lose you far more in the medium to long term.

This may appear to be a broad sweeping statement so let's look at the facts. If you type website designers into Google, you are most likely going to get around six million web pages returned. It means that Google has indexed approximately three million websites related to website design. Hardly the most comprehensive results; if you type - top internet company - into Google, you should find us top of the rankings out of close to half a billion web pages. However, the term - website designers - is actually more competitive because these 3,000,000 design companies are all trying to get your business.

You found this website through the natural listings of a search engine, competing against millions of other website designers and you are almost certainly not going to find a local website design company, your whiz kid friend or any cheap website design firm anywhere near the top for any competitive or sensible search phrase. They are not getting their business through the search engines and will not know how to build you a website that will be found by people looking on the internet for your product or service.

So the question has to be asked. Do you want a website that is going to fail to make you any money? Or are you going to have your website built by a firm of top website designers.


Websites that are at the top of the natural listings of Google and the other search engines for highly competitive search phrases that are being used by hundreds of thousands of people everyday are the sites that get the traffic, close sales and are making the money. The rest are all wondering why they bothered and how they can turn their business around and start to profit from the internet. We have provided a number of solutions further down this page but for the time being read on.

You have an idea for an internet business, believe that your company could profit from an internet presence or have an existing website that is not getting much traffic. Welcome to the realities of the internet and the approximate four billion other websites that float around the ether and never get any visitors.

This all might seem to be gloomy reading but a professional website design company will have a number of answers to these problems. The easiest solution is to avoid making the expensive mistakes that other companies make by employing poor quality website designers by understanding what you want your website to achieve.


The internet is huge and it may appear to the uninitiated that it is impossible to control how much traffic and the type of visitors that your website will attract. Whilst the internet may open your company up to a world wide clientele, it also exposes you to worldwide competition. This can be just as frustrating for searchers looking for something specific as it is to website owners who are trying to be found by these people. Whilst the search engines do their best to marry search results to questions asked; by delivering relevant websites to the top of their listings, they are only as good as the websites they are indexing and ranking and most websites are simply not built in the right way, or for the search engines.


  • What do you want your website to achieve?

  • What are you selling?

  • Who are your potential customers?

  • What unique selling points will help you get the sales you need?

  • Have you done any research?

  • Is there a demand for your product?

  • Can it be sold over the internet?

  • Who are your competitors?

  • How much competition is there for search terms potential customers will use to find you?

  • Have you tested the water?

  • What is you budget to have a website designed?

  • How else are you planning to generate traffic to your new site?

These are questions we as top website designers would ask any potential client long before we got into any design aspects of the website. How a website looks has little or nothing to do with how it will perform in the search engines and the type of visitors it will attract. The first thing to ascertain is whether your idea for the internet warrants spending money on a professionally built website or should you opt for a cheaper option like building your own website.


The first thing to understand is that a website is not worth the paper it is printed on unless it gets high levels of traffic. There are thousands of sites that provide self build facilities but the websites they host are worthless because they do not get high search engine rankings. Utopele overcomes these problems.

There are a number of scenarios when building your own website on Utopele is a far better, more profitable, more effective and less expensive option than having a website built by a professional website designer.

  • If you have an idea for the internet and need to test the water without spending thousands.

  • It will determine if there is a need for your product or service before having a bespoke website designed.

  • If you are a localised business looking for clients within your vicinity

  • If you are a small business that doesn't warrant spending a lot of money on a website

  • If you have a website that is not getting enough traffic you can link into it from Utopele.

  • If you are looking for cheap internet advertising

  • If you are operating in a niche market

This might appear that we are turning business away and in a way it is; but we are an ethical website design company and know that success on the internet comes at a price and rather than waste your money, we would rather see you spend a little wisely than go off to another website design company who will take your money without any consideration for your financial welfare. Hopefully, you will remember us when you have started to make money through Utopele and are ready to expand into a professionally designed custom built website.


In order to succeed, a website needs to be built in such a way that it attracts high levels of traffic that are of a quality that they represent the sort of clients who will buy your product or service. There is little point in having millions of visitors if they don't buy anything or having too few visitors to make the site profitable. Best website design constitutes a wide range of specialist skills and not one website designer trying to be all things.

A top website design company will employ the best search engine optimisers who are the architects that provide the blueprint for the designers. (Most websites are built without the use of a search engine optimiser). Researchers who will look at your competition and provide reports on their content and linking strategies. Analysts that will provide the sequences to the search engine optimiser based on these reports. Website designers who will build the site based on the blueprints provided. Programmers who will build custom, bespoke SEO databases that can be read by the search engines. (Most cheap website design, to keep prices down constitutes using off the shelf, one size fits all databases that are meaningless to the search engines and are a false economy). Plus linking strategists, affiliate and internet marketing specialists and a host of other web developers, all highly experienced in one school of web design and all essential to the success of a website.

However, whilst it is not always essential to design a custom built website that is going to compete against millions of websites, it is essential to build any website in the right way to ensure it performs at the right level when needed.


Theoretically, everything should be in place and done in the right order to ensure a website performs at the top of it's capabilities; in practice, this is rarely the case and most of our business comes from clients who have had a website built and realised only too late that they have made the wrong choice of website designer. If this is you, all is not lost as we provide the following additional services to help turn your website into a top performer.

A number of questions remain answered as to what you need your website to do and what type of website would be best suited to our needs. For there are many types of websites but in order for them to perform, you need a firm of top website designers.

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