Top 10 ranking on Google optimizers and website designers. Obtaining a top ten ranking on Google is not guaranteed but can be achieved through legitimate search engine optimization methods.

Beware of any company that guarantees that they can obtain you a top ten ranking on Google. Google are quite clear in explaining that no optimization company can do this and that Google have no special relationship with any search engine optimization companies.

So, can we get your website into the top ten rankings on Google for the key words you really want? The answer is a guarded yes, but every optimization job is different and some projects are more difficult than others.

Any SEO job requires in depth research and the success of every project depends on the website in question and the competition it is up against. It is not that easy to dislodge websites that have been optimized correctly and been at the top of Google for years.

Despite the rubbish you can read on the Internet, any legitimate search engine optimizer who really knows their stuff will tell you that this cannot be achieved through a few keywords, meta tags and link exchanges.

Few search engine optimization companies have the infrastructure, resources and complete comprehension of the importance of page content, deep content, clustering, related key phrases, semi-static pages, static data, related content, bait page set ups, deep linking, networking, stacking pages, partitioned content, link popularity, integrated links, data hooking, related traffic levels to linked sites, links from related websites and web pages, increased traffic levels, keywords, parked systems, formatted feeds, Omni-Linking, Spartacus pages, multiple web portals, networked content, mercurial content, non generic platforms, how often the content is updated.

Despite the claims of most of these companies, few will be able to deliver the results you really need for the competitive search terms that are really going to make you money.

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Search engine optimization and website design combined can turn a poor performing website into a high performance money earning business.