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Seeking financial backing for a new company is difficult, complex and often demoralising. You will need a very good business plan covering all elements of the business including market share, cash flow and financial projections, production costs, marketing, advertising budgets and strategies. You need to prove that you know what you are doing. You get very few chances to get it right and persuade a lender to provide financial backing for a new company. It is advisable to employ the help of business consultants.

If you have a start up company, or are thinking about starting a new company with a new business idea, product or service and entered this page through a search engine, go to the start of this section about how to start a new company.

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If Business Angels, Venture Capitalists and the Banks are not the solution to the financial backing of your start up company, then we most probably will be a far better alternative.

As explained on previous pages (see links at the bottom of this page) any new start up company is going to be fraught with problems because the principal cannot be expected to do everything, will lack the skills and experience in most business areas and there are simply not enough hours in the day to try and go it alone.

Any money invested in the business is going to flow out at a terrific rate of knots on marketing, advertising, website development, staff and a myriad of other overheads. This will put unprecedented pressure on you and anyone else with the responsibility of generating sales.

The solution is to remove the bulk of these overheads by bolting existing services onto the company and making them available either for free or at greatly reduced prices. Whilst at the same time, importing the people with the skills and experience onto the board of directors in exchange for an equity share in the business.

This resolves or eases cash flow problems, releases you as the principal to concentrate on sales and business development, provides support, eases pressures because many responsibilities now rest with someone else and everyone involved has the same interests in making the business successful.

Furthermore, these skills, experience and services are available on a permanent basis, they are not a business expense that will be recurring if you were to go for the other options and need to outsource these overheads.

By partnering us, you are delegating the responsibilities for a range of business responsibilities that you will most likely not have the skills or experience to undertake yourself. Your new company will have a board of directors that would be hard to match anywhere, business people, entrepreneurs, accountants and experts who are already highly successful in their owns fields of experience. You will no longer be a one or two man business, but a company with the manpower and resources to face any business problem.

It is our job to make your business more efficient, create public awareness, help develop the company, innovate and implement systems that will ultimately make your new start up company highly profitable. All this can be done without putting unnecessary strains on the cash flow of the business because we share in the profits, we don't take money out of the business until it is in a position to pay all of us.

We can bring people to your boardroom table that could include all or some of the following:
  • Successful entrepreneurs
  • Experienced business consultants
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Business strategists
  • IT specialists
  • Internet marketers
  • Corporate experts
  • Marketing consultants
  • Advertising executives
  • Company directors
  • Corporate lawyers
Ensuring that every skill and resource needed to make a success out of your business can be found in house without the need to pay staff or an outside company to provide these services.

So if you have a company that is in a start up position, struggling to make its mark, a new product, service or business idea, we would be interested in meeting with you. We like the taste of success and we know how to start a new company.

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