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If you are thinking about starting a new company there are a number of factors to consider before taking the plunge. Over the next few pages, if you take the trouble to do your research, you will find invaluable resources and information to help give you the best chance of success. This advice is important, compiled by successful entrepreneurs and could prevent you from being one of the 50% of all start up businesses that fail within the first two years.

This is not one of those websites that promises get rich schemes and how to make a quick fortune. If you are the type of person who believes the rubbish printed on those types of websites, stick to your day job. This website is dedicated to the entrepreneur who has a good business idea, knows that success only comes through dedication and hard work and needs the backing and support in the areas where he or she knows they lack experience.

Most businesses don't fail because of a lack of money. They fail because they do not manage their cash flow, they fail because they have unrealistic business plans and they fail because they lack the human resources needed to run the new company. Any entrepreneur or one man business is going to have to take on a wide range of job titles when they start a new company. They include:
  • Managing Director
  • Company Secretary
  • Finance Director
  • Company accountant
  • Marketing Director
  • Advertising Director/manager
  • IT Director/manager
  • IT personnel
  • Sales Director
  • Sales manager
  • Sales personnel
  • Telephone sales assistant
  • Personnel/Human Resources Director/Manager
  • Public Relations manager
  • Production manager
  • Product development manager
  • Business development manager
  • Business administrator
  • Buyer
  • Training manager
  • Market researcher
  • Accounts Manager/bookkeeper
  • Distribution manager
  • Office manager/administrator
  • Telephonist/receptionist/typist/secretary
That makes for 25 job titles and a number of them we doubled and even trebled up. Plus you will probably be responsible for making the tea, sweeping out and cleaning the toilets. So even if you worked 24 hours a day, you would be able to dedicate less than one hour to each task. Obviously it is an impossible task, yet so many entrepreneurs try to go it alone and then ask themselves "Where did I go wrong?" The answer is - it went wrong from day one like every other business where the individual tried to go it alone.

We are the solution to these problems, even if you lack the financial resources to employ staff or move the company forward as fast as you want to. If we like the idea and have confidence in you, we would consider a joint venture.

Even if you have a partner, the roles are far too varied to expect any two people to be good at everything. Relationships break down, friendships turn sour and quite often, physical and mental health suffer as a result.

Furthermore, because you are spinning so many plates, fighting fires and dealing with urgent matters, the important tasks get neglected. More importantly, the one role, the single most important job in the whole business usually gets pushed to one side, whilst jobs that should and could be done by someone else get taken care of by you.

So what is the most important thing you should be focusing on when starting a new business?

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