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The real solution to the problem of cellulite is to prevent it happening in the first place. There is no effective cure for cellulite scarring as the tissue is already damaged but you can, through a healthy diet reduce the scaring and see a reduction in facial wrinkles in time. A healthy diet leads to healthy internal organs which in turn leads to a healthier skin. It is that simple.

La Feytaud diet is based on a healthy nutritious diet and lifestyle that can put you back on the road to better health. It can help you substantially reduce your weight removing the need for plastic surgery, liposuction or other radical steps to reshape your body.

Reduce cellulite

What causes cellulite?

Another cause of cellulite is believed to be free radicals. Who's the idiot that said the best things in life are free? Free radicals are toxic and highly reactive chemicals that are found everywhere; in the air, in your environment and in your body. Free radicals react with almost everything in your body that they come in contact with and are extremely damaging.

In addition to causing cellulite they are believed to be responsible for early aging and cause most of the serious diseases we suffer from; including liver disease, cancer, coronary disease, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. They are also the main agents of damage to your circulatory system and that results in cellulite.

We are all constantly absorbing free radicals into our body and bloodstream from the environment as well as creating them within all the cells in our bodies. They are the remains of molecules; which include oxygen but are lacking one or more electrons. Our immune systems employ them to destroy unwanted elements such as bacteria, viruses and cancer cells but are considerably weakened by the use of antibiotics.

So whilst needed to maintain a healthy system, like antibiotics, free radicals are not intelligent and will react and help to destroy anything that can supply the electrons they need. Whether we create the free radicals or absorb them from food we eat or our environment the results are the same; cell walls weaken and damage is done to our genetic DNA molecules. Over time this leads to wrinkles, cancers and interrupts circulation causing cellulite, coronary thrombosis, strokes, etc.

The excess of free radicals within our bodies come from:
  • Allergic reactions to pollen, house mites, dust

  • Insufficient or poor quality sleep

  • High intensity workouts or exercise - don't over do the gym

  • Partially digested foods - covered in the E-book

  • Over eating causing dangerous chemicals to be absorbed into the blood stream because the body can't cope. This is also covered in the E-book

  • Bacterial and viral infections. A healthy body with a healthy immune system will fight off bacteria faster and so use fewer free radicals

  • Emotional and physical stress which is why your lifestyle is so important

  • Poor health causes build-up of free radicals that are absorbed by body

  • Estrogen and other hormone excesses and imbalances
All of the above can be helped by a healthy diet and La Feytaud includes all the vitamins needed to combat cellulite.

Free radicals can also be absorbed from outside our bodies and have so much to do with our diet and lifestyle:
  • Both active and passive cigarette smoke

  • Alcohol and coffee

  • Red meat

  • Food preservatives

  • Processed food and junk food in general especially food treated with chemicals, heat or radiation to maintain a long shelf life

  • Burnt or overcooked meat - the French generally eat their beef and lamb rare

  • Sun burn

  • Oral contraception and Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Insecticides, pesticides, air fresheners, insect repellants, poisons, aerosols

  • Furniture polish, household cleaners, paints, glues

  • Motor exhaust fumes

  • Drinking water and swimming pools containing chlorine

  • Industrial pollution
This is why La Feytaud is so successful in combating and neutralising cellulite. Whilst it can't cure the problem, the diet and lifestyle can go a long way to helping you reduce cellulite.

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