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La Feytaud diet owes a lot of its popularity in France due to the fact that subscribers to the diet found an increase in their sexual libido and fell pregnant even when they had been experiencing difficulties conceiving. It is believed that the weight loss, combined with the increase in sexual activity and natural food ingredients contained within the diet helped many women who had difficulty in falling pregnant to conceive.

La Feytaud quickly became known as the sex diet and was adopted by people of all ages even if they didn't need to lose weight. First conceived as a diet to prevent childhood obesity, the developers of the diet found they lost weight, felt healthier and experienced a definite increase in their sexual libidos.

It was the unique combination of vegetables and fruit grown in their own garden and gathered from the surrounding countryside that is believed to have had this effect. The author says "The most important sexual organ we have and the thing that generates exciting sex and increases sexual desire is our brain. Food that stimulates the brain is also the best type of food to eat if you need to lose weight. Increased brain activity can create amazing visual images and interprets body movements, sensual smells and eye contact as a sexual turn on. The healthier you feel, the more energy you have and the higher your brain activity, the more often and sexier you will feel".

It is when the natural food ingredients that can be purchased in any supermarket are combined together and after you have been on the diet for a couple of weeks or so, both men and women start to feel an increase in their sexual libidos. Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh god yes!

It is essential that both partners participate in the diet as one partner experiencing an increase in sexual desire whilst the other couldn't give a toss can lead to problems and the one on the diet not ending up empty handed.

The E-book and forum gives you plenty of advice and details about how to eat and prepare meals that include all the ingredients you need to lose weight whilst enjoying great sex.

Losing weight means that overweight couples who have found the logistics of making love difficult or nigh on impossible, can for the first time enjoy sex like everyone else. Excess fat can get in the way of overweight couples who are trying to enjoy a healthy sex life or even conceive. If the male sperm are unable to make the journey to the cervical mucus, whether they are restricted by excess skin or the sperm can't reach a deep cervix, there are a number of problems that carrying excess weight can cause in the act of conception.

La Feytaud is a diet and lifestyle that can help you lose weight and enjoy better sex along the way by increasing your sexual libido.

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