SEO is the shortened form of search engine optimisation which covers various techniques designed to increase traffic to a website. There are literally thousands of companies offering SEO services and many claim to use unique search optimisation techniques to gain top ten Google rankings. The easiest way to check if they know what they are doing is to go to Google and type in "search engine optimisers" to see if they have been able to achieve a top 10 position for themselves for what would be the most obvious search. If their own website is not highly ranked, you will know that you are talking to one of the many search engine optimisation companies that talk out of their backsides.


Only dealing with search engine optimisation companies who have managed to get their website into the top rankings on Google is the first rule. The second is never dealing with an SEO company who sends you an email offering their services. If they have to Spam you to try and generate business, they are obviously not getting enough business through the search engines and any claims or recommendations they make regarding your website will almost certainly be complete rubbish.

You found us in the top ten of a search engine for a search term that was highly competitive. You didn't have to use any keywords that were off the wall and highly unlikely that anyone would use. All our business comes through the search engines and recommendation, we don't have to solicit for business because we have more than enough business and can be selective about the clients we take on.


Without getting technical, there are two approaches that you can make towards SEO and driving more traffic to your site. You can throw a lot of money at it and propel your business into the higher echelons of the internet success stories or you can take a more guarded approach and develop your search engine optimisation strategies over an extended period like you would develop your business.

Option one is fine if you have the money and the business model to cope with large volumes of traffic but it also comes with risks. You can spend a lot of money up front to gain top ten Google rankings, increase your search engine traffic dramatically but this does not necessarily increase sales in relation to the levels of traffic. This can mean that you end up having to invest more money to try and get the right type of traffic.

Option two is to employ us on a monthly basis. Contracts start from as little as 100 + vat per month. This approach is slower but allows you flexibility and enables you to be able to analyse your monthly results and address problems, improve or target markets as your business develops. It also helps your cash flow and enables you to increase your investment in your website optimisation as your business develops.

We will happily explain the pros and cons of both options and advise you about which contract would be the best for your business model. It is also important to understand that SEO does not guarantee more sales just because it increases traffic levels and many websites are not built for the search engines meaning that sometimes we will decline a contract because the client would be wasting their money.

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