SEO search engine optimisers specialising in high Google rankings to drive quality search engine traffic to your website using the best optimisation techniques and strategies. If you have a website and are tired of the excuses you get for the poor levels of traffic you get through the search engines, speak to us.

Information and advice about SEO on the numerous websites offering search optimisation services is sometimes conflicting and much of what you read is simply plagiarised from other sites. Many companies who claim to be search engine optimisers are often website designers trying to offer additional services without actually understanding how the internet works. Type "search engine optimisers" into Google and you are likely to get around 60,000 pages returned, hardly the highest number of indexed pages but probably the most contested of all the search terms. This is because, every SEO company has to be the in top ten for this search term or lose all credibility.

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The companies that are in the top ten of Google for this search term haven't changed in years although they often alternate in position as they jostle for the top rankings. These are the companies who understand how the search engines work and can obviously help you gain high positions and increase traffic to your site. The others are simply also rans, many of whom have little understanding of how to optimise a website with the right sequences to achieve the positions needed to get the high levels of traffic needed to succeed on the internet. They are also the companies who send out emails offering to optimise your website to get higher rankings because they don';t get enough business.


With SEO contracts starting from as little as 100 + vat per month and with a track record for driving quality traffic to our clients websites that is second to none, we believe we offer a search engine optimisation service that cannot be bettered. We use techniques and SEO strategies that we have developed over almost a decade and are unique to us. We don't publish the results of our research on the internet. No successful search engine optimiser gives away his hard earned secrets. This is why professional search engine optimisers find the advice published on other websites laughable. If you have a winning formula, you keep it to yourself because it is the seam of gold that everyone is looking for.

If you have a website and need to drive more traffic to your site, we can help. We will tell you what is achievable, if your website is suitable to be optimised and provide a plan of attack to help you improve your Google ranking. You will find us straight talking and prepared to tell you the realities of what you can expect from your website. Search engine optimisation is not just about keywords and Meta Tags, in fact successful SEO has little to do with either of them except that they play a role in ensuring the right type of traffic is generated.


Every website is different and sadly, most have not been designed for the search engines because most people opt for cheap website design that requires using off the shelf systems with a one size fits all approach to performance. This particularly applies to E-commerce websites that use generic databases that the search engines cannot access or make no sense to the search engine algorithms.

By opting for the cheapest design option, most website owners have cut their own throats as far as success on the internet is concerned. Furthermore, the website designer responsible for putting the website together knows full well that the site will never perform in the search engines. Rather than lose the contract and under pressure to compete on price, the designer opts to cobble together a cheap site that looks good but doesn't do the job.

The SEO techniques we have developed can overcome this problem but cannot sort out the basic problem of sorting out the databases. When we come across websites of this nature, we can only recommend that you scrap the database and start again from scratch. Bad news but better than continuing to throw money at a website that is a technical mess.

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