SEO or search engine optimisation from 100 per month by some of the best search engine optimisers on the internet. You have a website and you have been reading up on search engine optimisation and wondering which SEO company would be the best service to choose to optimise your site. You found us at the top of the search engine you used, so that is a good start but the information and advice you have read on our website conflicts with just about every other search engine optimisation site you have visited.

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There is a very good reason for this. As one of the leading search engine optimisation companies, we have spent years researching and creating our own SEO techniques and strategies and know what works. Most search engine optimisers don't actually know how the search engine algorithms work, they simple read what other SEO companies publish on their websites, take them as fact and republish them on their own sites. This is like the blind leading the blind. One optimiser comes up with a theory and another then copies it and before you know it, a theory has become fact. None of them actually know or bother to discover if it is true. This is why most of what you will read on the internet about search engine optimisation is absolute rubbish.


The companies who are succeeding on the internet obviously throw a lot of money at their internet marketing and if you want to be seen in the top ten of Google and the other major search engines, you cannot expect to do this for peanuts. Having said this, you would be amazed at how many people run off and have a website built on a low budget and wonder why they get no traffic. The internet doesn't just open you up to a world wide market it also exposes you to millions of competitors. If you are selling handbags, you may be the only shop in your high street stocking handbags; type "handbags" into Google and the search engine will return 4.5 million pages containing this word. If you want to be top for this single keyword or any other single keyword, expect to have to invest heavily to compete with a few million competitors.

However, there are SEO solutions to this problem that can cost as little as 100 per month. These solutions won't propel you into the multi million pound turnover bracket but then only a fool would expect them to. (We do come across a few though.) This type of SEO is designed to continuously increase search engine traffic to your site on a monthly basis, hopefully increase sales, although this is not guaranteed and help you develop your business. It won't turn you into an overnight internet success but then it shouldn't break the bank either.


SEO, if done properly should generate the right type of traffic to your site. By working together on a monthly basis, with your feedback, we can develop your search engine optimisation strategies and use different SEO techniques to improve the quality of traffic. There is no point in having a million visitors a month to your website if they don't buy anything. Far better to have one hundred visitors that all buy something; and whilst this is extremely unlikely, it is quality not quantity that should be the emphasis of any search engine optimisation project. Once we get the quality right, we can start to concentrate on higher traffic levels and help you build your internet business.

However, driving traffic to your website is all well and good but if your website lets you down in anyway, it will seriously effect your sales levels because your competitors are only 2 clicks away. Everything has to be right to ensure success on the internet and to ensure this you need to use the best SEO search engine optimisers.