SEO search engine optimisation strategies and techniques, getting a website into the top ten of Google and increasing traffic levels.

I have never been able to grasp why so many people have a website built and then turn to a search engine optimisation company to handle the SEO strategies because the website doesn't get any traffic. As the search engine optimiser is the architect who provides the blueprint for the web developer to create the website, asking a designer to develop the site without employing a search engine optimisation company is like asking a builder to build a house without plans or planning permission.

As most websites are built for companies who are presumably owned by business minded people, it beats me why so many people just dive in and employ a local website designer to build their website without any forethought or planning when it comes to actually thinking about how their new website is going to compete against the millions of other websites on the internet.

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Presumably it is cost and ease of access, but the internet is not a medium where the world will find you just like that. The 80/20 rule applies to the internet like everything else. 20% of the websites on the internet get 80% of the traffic and the other 80% get 4/5ths of 5/8ths of sweet FA. In fact it is probably 1% getting 99% of the traffic but the real statistics are irrelevant, if your website is getting very low traffic levels.


The first thing to understand about search engine optimisation is that whilst it can increase visitors to your website, it doesn't guarantee more sales. SEO, if done properly has to be targeted to attract the right type of visitors and this can take time to develop and research. Moreover, your website has only 30 seconds maximum to grab the potential client's attention and convince them that you are a company to do business with.

If you are selling online, any potential client has to instantly gain the confidence they need to give you their credit card details. If you are competing against major players who have off line marketing and therefore own a household name, you may still lose out even if you are competing on price. Whilst design has nothing to do with SEO, it is everything when it comes to selling to a visitor who is sitting on your website.


It is also important to remember that the search engines do not generate interest in a product or service, they simply respond to demand. If there is no demand for your product, if people don't know that a service such as yours exists, they will not be using the internet to find you. If for example, you are selling holidays spent down a coal mine; an idiotic example I know but I use it to emphasise a point; there is little point in optimising a website for "coalmine holidays."

This is when SEO strategies have to be thoroughly thought out and implemented correctly. There is a market for everything and if a site that sells this type of holiday is put in front of the right market place, it will sell. The skill is knowing how to get the right type of visitor to the site who would be interested in what you are selling but who did not know that your product or service existed. All things are possible in the right hands.


The technique is to use the internet like you would use your local high street or shopping mall. It is all about footfall and passing trade and positioning your website like you would a shop next door to a busy store that had a lot of people walking past on a daily basis. If you sell potato peelers, you need your website to be found by people looking for potatoes or recipes for potatoes because people who eat potatoes need potato peelers. However, you can be blacklisted or dropped for optimising a website for search phrases that are not strictly applicable to what you are selling.

This is why you need a search engine optimiser who can optimise your website using linking strategies, portioned content and feeder pages so that you don't just get traffic from people looking to buy a new potato peeler but from people who would buy one if they new about your new potato peeler and that is why you need a search engine optimisation company who understands the search engines and how to use these search engine optimisation techniques.