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Thinking of selling a website, we buy websites that are getting low traffic levels, underperforming or up for renewal.

If you think you wasted your money on having a website designed and built and not getting the visitor levels you thought possible, you may now be thinking about selling your website. We buy most types of websites whether they are poor performing or getting high traffic levels. Your second hand website has a value and we would be interested in taking to you about buy it.

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It doesn't matter if it has never had a visitor or made any sales. Most websites are poorly designed and built by website designers who don't understand how the search engines work. We may be able to salvage the content and therefore, having rebuilt and optimised it for the search engines, turn it into a profitable site we can sell on. You may have spent a few hours or several years building the website content but it is only worth what someone else is going to pay for it.

The mistake that most people make when employing a website designer is opting for the cheapest quote in the belief that all websites are the same. You get what you pay for when it comes to the internet like all things in life and your website is most likely competing against millions of other domains in the same market place.

However, before you approach us with a view to selling your website you need to understand a few things.
  • The value of your website will not be determined by how much you paid for it.

  • It doesn't matter that much if it is getting low or zero traffic levels

  • The value will be determined by the quality of the content and the potential to earn money in the future

  • Or a multiple of current annual revenue

  • Plus, we will be looking at the market place and the competition

  • And how much we will have to invest to turn your site into a successful business
Simply having a good idea for the internet does not mean you have a good business. To succeed on the internet takes high levels of investment. Just because you own a website doesn't mean the world is going to find you - you have no doubt already learned that lesson. On the other hand, you may have a website that is generating high levels of unique visitors and handsome profits and feel that now is the time to sell up and move on. You have three basic options open to you:
  • We buy the website from you at an agreed price. You may already have an idea of how much you want for your website. We ill happily provide a free no obligation value.

  • If it is underperforming, you may want to consider asking us to provide a diagnosis and optimise the site so that it gains high Google rankings.

  • Or, you may not want to sell your website nor have the money or the inclination to invest further in a project that has already lost you money. In which case an internet partnership with us might be a profitable solution. This is where we form a partnership with you and take over all the design and optimisation aspects of the site at our expense. We then build the website traffic up, turn it into a profitable business and share the income or profits from selling the site at a later date.
It is important that if you are thinking about selling your website that you contact us as soon as possible before the domain name lapses and you end up with nothing.

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